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CPQ for Manufacturing: Precision Profits

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Coralie Beelen



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CPQ for manufacturing is a game-changer. Imagine walking into a factory, buzzing with activity. It’s a testament to human innovation. Yet, amid this progress, one question keeps management up at night; How can we increase profit?

The industry is a product or service sales pressure cooker. Full of complex solutions, volatile pricing and razor-thin margins. Outdated, manual quoting methods just keep you locked into a production line for errors.

Buckle up as we cut through the sales challenges. And reveal your new secret weapon for precision profits.


Sales Team Challenges

Closing deals requires more than just the gift of gab and a product brochure. In our experience, it requires a balance of knowledge, precision and timing. The problem is, sales rep spend too much time  juggling product variations and intricate pricing strategies.

Manually managing quotes amidst this sales chaos means:

  • Configuration Puzzles. Manufactured products provide a dizzying array of options. Configuration errors lead to pricing errors which lead to rework and delays.
  • Pricing Problems. Factoring in material costs, production intricacies and customer-specific discounts is an arithmetic tightrope walk.    
  • Regulation Requirements. Strict requirements and standards add yet another layer of complexity.
  • Sales Slowdown. Manual and paper-driven steps bog down the sales cycle. This adds days, even weeks, to the journey from lead to purchase.

CPQ for Manufacturing

What we need is a secret weapon. Meet Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) software. This software simplifies the complex by seamlessly integrating product configuration, pricing algorithms, and quote generation into a single platform.

Boosting your productivity and your bottom line with:

  • Painless Configuration. Guide module, pre-built and custom configurations. Just generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) from the options.
  • Dynamic Pricing Rules. Automate material costs, labor estimates and time pricing, as well as sales tax and explanations. Compare pricing options, such as cost-plus, margin-based and one time. And adjust pricing and discounts on individual BOM line items.
  • Regulatory Confidence. Adhere to regulations with build-in compliance and risk checks.
  • Streamlined Sales. Quotes progress through predefined review and approval steps - no more email chains.

Impact: Boost Profit

Manufacturing industry market conditions are fierce. CPQ is the difference between conquering this landscape or succumbing to its complexities. 

Industry research shows CPQ delivers:

  • 20% decrease in time spend on quote creation (Gartner)
  • 50% reduction in order processing time (Aberdeen Group)
  • 15% increase in annual recurring revenue (Forrester)

How is XaitCPQ improving customer sales?  

“XaitCPQ has reduced our time to quote by up to 50%. This significant improvement has enabled us to spend more time improving the customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction.” - Mike Chesnutt, President, Fabtek

Ignite your Goals

Manual processes and quote errors are behind you now. CPQ is here to unlock a world of: Embrace the power of CPQ and unlock a world of:

  • Easy configurability and pricing precision
  • Faster, more accurate quotes
  • Reduced cost-per-quote
  • Optimized value and increased profitability
  • More satisfied and loyal customers

It’s time to ditch the manual effort and embrace the future. Where your team closes more deals with confidence - and you leave your competition in the dust.

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Author picture

Coralie Beelen

Coralie is an experienced Business Developer Manager at Xait. She studied Business Administrations in Germany with a focus on International Affair and has worked in Tech directly after her graduation. Her interests vary from painting, to literature, technological innovations, and cuisine.

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