Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software

Accelerate complex quotes and orders 

As your business grows, selling custom-tailored products and services at scale becomes more challenging. XaitCPQ speeds up your quote and order process, making it error-free, user-friendly and much more profitable  


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Scale your business without constraint

Build your service and product catalogue in our cloud solution and make it highly available for both your sales team and your customers. Whether your product catalogue is growing or your business is booming, XaitCPQ allows you to customize complex products and services at scale without losing performance.

Xait is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

Reduce time to quote by up to 50%

Unlock your sales team's full potential! Create quotes for complex projects faster than ever, anytime, anywhere, and from any device, even within your preferred CRM. Seamlessly explore approved product and service combinations, and identify upsells and cross-sell opportunities, all while ensuring effective risk management and error-free pricing.

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Big enough to deliver and small enough to care

 Xait is trusted by 70 000+ users worldwide

Seamless integrations

Features and benefits


Fast, flexible and powerful

XaitCPQ surpasses standard CPQ capabilities, enabling you to build and manage highly complex product and service configurations.




Cloud-based collaboration

Collaborate on quotes and approvals from any device and access error-free and updated products and services at any time.


Become easier to buy from

Increase revenue and boost customer happiness with user-friendly web portals and seamless e-commerce integrations.


Guided selling

XaitCPQ makes it easy for sales teams to correcly price and select optimal configurations without costly errors.


Automated quote generation

Turn complex configurations into neat, on-brand and exported quotes in a matter of minutes with guided creation.

 Low code

Low code & user friendly

Let your sales team and partners adapt easily with user friendly interface and streamlined quote creation.

Customer story: Penlon

Learn how XaitCPQ helped Penlon and their sales team to become more self-sufficient, reducing time to quote significantly.

Customer stories

XaitCPQ explained

cpq software configurator preview

Build your product or service catalogue in our configurator

Configure products and services with custom pricing structures and features.


cpq software product

Complex products and services become error-free

The configurations you previously tailored are easy to select for flawless quotes and orders.


Create error-free quotes fast and become easy to buy from

Enjoy the benefits of being able to quote accurately, and fast with increased customer happiness.

What is XaitCPQ?

XaitCPQ is a powerful and flexible rules and calculation engine for streamlining the sales process. By making it easier and faster to build the optimum product, service, project solution, at the optimum price, our clients increase profitability by up to 30%.

What are XaitCPQ’s key features and benefits?

XaitCPQ’s unique combination of intuitive features guide sales reps to produce optimum solutions no matter how large or complex the product, service or project. These features include smart solution configurations, smart pricing calculations, workflow, customized layout templates and CRM and ERP integrations.

How easy is it to use XaitCPQ?

XaitCPQ’s rules-and-calculation engine sits behind an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed with a variety of features, including guided selling, automated pricing and real-time interactive 3D visualizations that help sales reps quickly master quote creation.

Can you save draft quotes or stop in the middle of a quote?

We understand that the quoting process can sometimes require flexibility. That’s why XaitCPQ is designed to cater to a fast paced work environment by providing the ability to save draft quotes and allowing you to pause in the middle of creating a quote.

Is XaitCPQ mobile ready?

Absolutely! XaitCPQ solution is designed with mobility in mind, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices. 

Can I import transaction lines in bulk from an Excel file into XaitCPQ?

Yes, XaitCPQ supports bulk import of transaction lines, allowing users to seamlessly import data from Excel files and expedite the process of adding transaction details.

How is the product usability ensured on the XaitCPQ tool?

XaitCPQ is designed with easily understood, friendly interfaces that feature intuitive designs. This ensures a user-friendly experience, facilitating engagement and making it easy for users to navigate and interact with the system.

Can users easily configure custom products and solutions with XaitCPQ?

User configuration involves defining options, features, rules, and the user interface for customizable products. Our no-code/low code design allows non-technical users to set up and modify products without requiring IT assistance. Importantly, it empowers non-technical users to set up and modify products without requiring IT assistance.

How can XaitCPQ help me streamline my process?

XaitCPQ helps you tackle your business problems by eliminating solution configuration and pricing calculation errors, unnecessary steps and tasks to save time, reduce response time and increase volume.

Who uses XaitCPQ?

What separates XaitCPQ from the competition is its powerful, yet flexible rules and calculation engine. For example, to better manage complex products with thousands or millions of options (manufacturing), complex compliance standards (accreditation), complex regulator requirements (energy and renewables), and complex services risk (professional services).

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