AI for RFPs, tenders and reports

Take your proposals to the next level 

Boost RFP requirements processing time for quicker bid decisions, and accelerate the proposal writing process with safe suggestions based on your existing documents.


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XaitAI analyzes your RFP

Start working with your RFP in minutes, not hours

Elevate your RFP process with XaitAI. Say goodbye to lengthy deliberations and hello to swift bid decisions. XaitAI identifies RFP requirements and anomalies as well as help these to the correct experts of your proposal team so you can start writing quickly.

Xait is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world

Speed up your writing process without the risk

Access existing knowledge from your content library or past proposals and leverage previous work to accelerate the writing of new proposals. As you write, XaitAI will make relevant suggestions for content based on context. This way, you can speed up your writing process and increase the quality of your proposal.

Highlight anything to receive suggestions

Big enough to deliver and small enough to care

 Xait is trusted by 70 000+ users worldwide

Currently available for

Features and benefits


Efficient RFP Processing

Efficient RFP Processing

Accelerate your proposal process with XaitAI, minimizing time spent on bid decisions, RFP requirements and proposal writing.



Red Flag Awareness

Red Flag Awareness

Quickly identify potential issues or anomalies within RFPs, ensuring thorough and accurate responses from the right people in your team.

Streamlined Writing

Streamlined Writing

Speed up your writing process with safe suggestions derived from existing documents, enhancing productivity and increasing quality.

Enhanced Quality

Enhanced Quality

Because you are able to work faster, you get to prioritize content quality, work faster than ever, while ensuring your content meets the highest standards.


Knowledge Base Building

Knowledge Base Building

As you write, you build up your own knowledge base that becomes a foundation for contextual content suggestions, speeding up the proposal writing process at scale over time.

Efficient Bid Delivery

Efficient Bid Delivery

Deliver bids more efficiently and effectively, thanks to streamlined processes and enhanced writing capabilities. Increasing your win rates and number of bid submissions!

Quick introduction to XaitAI

John Ingve Eielsen, Chief Technology & Product Officer

Customer stories

XaitPorter is now powered by AI

How It Works


Effortless Setup

Begin by importing your RFP requirements  into XaitPorter. The software quickly analyzes the document and distributes key information to proposal team members.

XaitAI suggest content

Intelligent Suggestions

As you work on your proposals, XaitAI intelligently suggests relevant content based on the context of your writing and the content of your existing documents. These suggestions help you build better, more comprehensive responses in less time.


Streamlined Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with your team, accessing shared knowledge from your content library and past proposals. Work faster and faster over time as you build up your knowledge base.

What is XaitAI?

XaitAI is a Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based, closed-system AI trained to understand, analyze and suggest based exclusively on your business data. By harnessing your business data, and your critical thinking skills, XaitAI analyzes RFPs to expedite go/no go decisions and suggests relevant content to accelerate proposal development.

What are the key features and benefits?

There are significant risks associated with using public AI models, such as ChatGTP, especially working with sensitive, confidential and classified data. Bias, copyright and misinformation are just a few of the liability and legal risks. XaitAI eliminates these risks by training exclusively on your data, avoiding accidental use of someone else's data, and inadvertently sharing your data which can be retained and used for future public AI models.

  • Securing the data source. XaitAI trains exclusively on your data, protecting your confidential, sensitive and classified information.

  • Controlling the data source. Avoid accidental use of copyrighted data that introduces risk and potential legal minefields.

  • Restricting the data source. Avoid accidentally sharing your data which can be retained and used for future public AI models.

How easy is it to use XaitAI?

XaitAI is an intuitive tool specifically designed for RFP analysis and proposal content suggestion. For example, ingest an RFP, and XaitAI will quickly analyze it based on your go/no go criteria and display a matrix of weighted details and links to drive decisions and allocate information to the appropriate resources. When writing a proposal, XaitAI intuitively surfaces relevant responses to questions and requirements that are easily inserted for tailoring. 

How can your software help me streamline my process?

XaitAI streamlines your RFP analysis and proposal writing process by quickly analyzing and surfacing the decision-driving details and relevant responses you need to accelerate your sales process. For example, instead of searching an RFP for go/no go details, XaitAI analyzer finds those go/no go details for you, so you can focus on the decision. Instead of searching past proposals, or your content library for answers, XaitAI zooms in on what’s relevant and makes suggestions for you to insert and customize.

Who uses XaitAI?

Today, clients of XaitPorter, our flagship co-authoring and automation solution, are the first to work with XaitAI, helping us shape the solution. As we work with our clients, innovate and progress together, we envision XaitAI enhancing our entire sales, proposal and pricing software solution suite.

What types of proposals does XaitAI support?

XaitAI is ideal for medium to large teams working with XaitPorter on complex proposals. The more data XaitAI has to train on and use, the better the results. 

Will XaitAI replace my staff?

XaitAI is not coming for your job. When it comes to selling, content remains king; it’s the unique, high-quality, interesting and relevant content that contributes to your win. And you are still the best judge of what content is relevant and persuasive. Here, critical thinking is your superpower, and XaitAI is your ally.

Is XaitAI secure?

XaitAI is a closed-system AI trained to understand, analyze and suggest based on your business data. Unlike public AI’s, such as ChatGTP, with XaitAI you own and control the datasource. That means you eliminate the legal and liability risks, such as bias and copyright, that public AI’s introduce. For clients working with sensitive, confidential and classified information this is a significant advantage.

Will using XaitAI change my proposal process?

Yes, to yield the benefits XaitAI delivers you will see some changes to your process. For example, instead of searching an RFP for your go/no go criteria, XaitAI will automatically analyze, surface and zoom in on the details you need to expedite your decision. Instead of searching past proposals or your content library for information, XaitAI automatically surfaces and zooms in on existing answers relevant to the question.

How will XaitAI help me stand out from the competition?

XaitAI helps you stand out from the competition by making it faster and easier to develop more large, complex proposals.


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