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Create winning proposals 60% faster

Automate the RFI, RFP and tender response process and accelerate creation of dazzling, high-impact documents that win you more business


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Tailored for bid teams with tight deadlines

Our cloud-based platform enables proposal teams to collaborate on multiple RFPs, RFIs, and tenders with real-time co-authoring. Smart features for task assignments, comments, feedback, and approvals keep your team in sync, now perfectly capable of delivering high-quality documents within minutes.

Xait is trusted by some of the biggest companies in the world

Deliver fast without compromising on quality

Streamlined creation with automated formatting, version control and layout templates, combined with our content library and collaborative editing, ensures you have time to focus on details, personalization and quality of content. Deliver dazzling on-brand, high-impact bids that reflect the quality of your services!

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Big enough to deliver and small enough to care

 Xait is trusted by 70 000+ users worldwide

Features and benefits

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Deliver on-brand documents

Templates and automated formatting ensure professional proposals and bids perfectly aligned with your brand.



Guided proposal creation

Smart document builder

Combine intuitive step-by-step questionnaires with our content library to build custom proposals fast.

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Content library tool

Creating documents builds up your content library, a smart automation tool that allows you to re-use content.

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Cloud-based co-authoring

Everyone on your team accesses the same documents and writes in sync for optimized efficiency.

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Review and comment

Comments and replies are shared in real-time as conversations within your documents.

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Contract management tool

Manage and secure critical contracts with templates, automatic layout and clause management tools.

Customer story: Colas

Learn how XaitProposal helped Colas improve the quality of their technical proposals, and made it easier to apply their brand guidelines across agencies.

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Explore our product possibilities

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XaitProposal saves time and delivers documents that live up to your brand image 60% faster.

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A time-saving tool for accelerating your RFI, DDQ, and security questionnaire response creation.

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Impress your clients with custom-tailored, on-brand and securely accessible proposals published online.

What is XaitProposal

XaitProposal is a time-saving tool for writing sales pitches and proposals. By guiding document creation, XaitProposal saves time and delivers documents that live up to your brand image up to 60% faster.

What are the key features and benefits?

XaitProposal’s unique combination of intuitive features, including smart questionnaire, intuitive editor, co-authoring, knowledge base and reusable templates guide teams to deliver more quality pitches and proposals faster with the same staff.

How easy is it to use your software?

XaitProposal is built on a database that sits behind an intuitive questionnaire interface designed to guide users in the creation of pitches and proposals. The questionnaire guides content selection and document creation by calling up content relevant to the client’s needs.

How can your software help me streamline my process?

XaitProposal helps you tackle your business challenges by eliminating content searching, content compiling, and formatting to save time, reduce response time, deliver on-brand, and increase volume.

Who uses XaitProposal?

XaitProposal is ideal for small to medium teams where individuals or cross-functional team must create a high volume of high-impact documents. What separates XaitProposal from the competition is it’s innovative, business-specific guided questionnaire technology combined with your knowledgebase. From engineering, infrastructure and construction to manufacturing, IT, energy and renewables and resource management, XaitProposal helps tackle proposal development 50 - 60% faster.

What does the knowledge base include?

With XaitProposal’s Knowledge Base, you centralize your content and visuals in one place for reuse and maintenance. Paired with our collaborative module for writing with several people, and our automatic page layout, you save time to customize and fine-tune your sales pitches and proposals, beat your competition to the table, and win business more easily.

Is team collaboration secure?

XaitProposal protects your sensitive and confidential information for secure collaboration and data exchange through a granular, role-based, permissions security paradigm. For example, there are multiple security containers and all actions, items and activity within XaitProposal are associated with user control assuring the proper security and accountability is applied and all actions are monitored and recorded.

What is XaitRFI?

XaitRFI is a time-saving tool for accelerating your RFI, DDQ, and security questionnaire response creation. By guiding you through the creation process, and tapping your accurate knowledge base, XaitRFI saves you significant time. Now you can invest in personalizing your responses and increasing your volume because your answers are secured in the knowledge base.

How does XaitProposal help us stand out from the competition?

XaitProposal helps you stand out from the competition by making it faster and easier to deliver relevant, personalized, on-brand content and beat the competition to the table each and every time.

What is XaitWebProposal?

XaitWebProposal is a time-saving tool for streamlining the buyer experience and shortening your sales cycle. By automatically transforming your deal-specific sales pitches and proposals into secure, interactive microsites, XaitWebProposal quickly improves information and communication access and buyer engagement - all without the need for a web developer.

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