Quoting software for manufacturing

Quote to close complex products, services and projects faster and deliver error-free offers that motivate clients and optimize margins. Monitor real-time partner performance, keep clients engaged, and expedite invoicing and order management.


Xait is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world

No product or bundled service is too complex

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, time is money. Yet manual quoting requires too many experts and delays to be competitive. XaitCPQ empowers teams to quickly configure and price complex, error-free, professional quotes that sail through approval. Streamline customer orders, expedite invoicing, and respond to real-time sales team and partner performance.


Grow your client base with 50% faster time to quote

Quickly configure offerings despite millions of rules and dependencies with self-guiding expertise. Effortlessly calculate pricing options while automatically governing discounts, rebates, margins, compliance and risk, with a powerful and flexible rules and calculation engine. Deliver professional pre-built or custom quotes and Bill of Materials (BOM) faster with templates and workflows.

Be easier to buy from with self-service customer and partner portals. Streamline order and billing management with CRM and ERP integrations. With XaitCPQ, manufacturers consistently fast-track error-free quotes and increase profitability by up to 30% with a single platform.

Customer story: Penlon

Learn how XaitCPQ helped Penlon and their sales team to become more self-sufficient, reducing time to quote significantly.

Features and benefits

Powerful CPQ engine

Fast, flexible and powerful

XaitCPQ surpasses standard CPQ capabilities, enabling you to build and manage highly complex product and service configurations.



Cloud-based CPQ

Cloud-based collaboration

Collaborate on quotes and approvals from any device and access error-free and updated products and services at any time.

Ecommerce integration

Become easier to buy from

Increase revenue and boost customer happiness with user-friendly web portals and seamless e-commerce integrations.

CPQ with guided selling

Guided selling

XaitCPQ makes it easy for sales teams to correcly price and select optimal configurations without costly errors.

Automated quotes

Automated quote generation

Turn complex configurations into neat, on-brand and exported quotes in a matter of minutes with guided creation.

 Low code

Low code & user friendly

Let your sales team and partners adapt easily with user friendly interface and streamlined quote creation.


Become easier to buy from

Trusted by leading manufacturers around the world, from custom boiler systems and bespoke roofing to industrial control instruments and rail and marine equipment and machinery.


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