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Industry-leading proposal software Privia is now Xait

Privia, the go-to capture and proposal software for government contractors, has been acquired by Xait. Privia's granular security, version control, and in-line commenting features have been retained and empowered by XaitPorter's co-authoring, document-centric workflows, layout templates, AI-based content library and much more!

Privia became part of Xait Group in 2021
XaitPorter is a co-authoring software for tenders and complex proposals

Explore AI-power and co-authoring with XaitPorter

Create high-quality bids with multiple writers, reviewers and experts up to 70% faster. Benefit from co-authoring and collaboration features like in-document workflow tasks and progress dashboards. Say goodbye to reformatting with layout templates, automatically shred outlines into assignable sections and accelerate everything with AI-driven suggestions. With XaitPorter, you can seamlessly manage the entire government contracting process from capture to contract, in one platform.


Seamless Salesforce integration

Generate documents directly from your Salesforce accounts or opportunities

Features and benefits



Automated formatting and layout

Formatting and numbering are automatically updated, and layout is enforced. Save time to focus on the quality of content.




AI-powered content library

Why reinvent the wheel over and over? Our AI-powered library stores your content and allows you to reuse it to skyrocket efficiency.


Customizable section workflows

Monitor tasks, deadlines, and workflows with intuitive visualization and manage section-specific task feedback through commenting feature to speed up approvals.


Cloud-based co-authoring

Teams can work in the same document, with different levels of permissions, anywhere at any time without sacrificing security.



One document

Track all document changes with section-specific change logs, and easily revert to earlier page versions as you go.


Enterprise-level security

Work fast without risking your sensitive data. Xaitporter's enterprise-level security features make sure that your documents are protected.


Want to win more government contracts?

Learn how government contracting leaders are ditching file-based systems for more efficient, database-driven, co-authoring solutions.


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