Tenders, RFPs, contracts and reports

Co-authoring software for complex tenders and RFPs

XaitPorter speeds up complex bid creation with advanced co-authoring, project management tools, automated formatting, and our AI-powered content library


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Work anywhere, at any time

Our cloud solution allows collaboration across offices and provides project leaders with dashboards to easily monitor tasks and deadlines with content progress visualization, while intuitive commenting features speed up reviews and approvals. 

Teams are granted access to specific sections with granular permissions to manage sensitive information.

Xait is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world

Produce large documents 70% faster with improved quality

Automated formatting and layout combined with real-time co-authoring elevate the document creation process. As you progress, our AI-powered content repository enables you to reuse content which scales creation efficiency over time, allowing more time to focus on document quality!

Document management is made easy with smart version control, effortless section navigation, and workflows to keep teams and managers in sync. 

XaitPorter - produce large documents faster

Big enough to deliver and small enough to care

 Xait is trusted by 70 000+ users worldwide

Seamless integrations

Features and benefits



Automated formatting and layout

Formatting and numbering are automatically updated, and layout is enforced. Save time to focus on the quality of content.




AI-powered content library

Why reinvent the wheel over and over? Our AI-powered library stores your content and allows you to reuse it to skyrocket efficiency.


Customizable section workflows

Monitor tasks, deadlines, and workflows with intuitive visualization and manage section-specific task feedback through commenting feature to speed up approvals.


Cloud-based co-authoring

Teams can work in the same document, with different levels of permissions, anywhere at any time without sacrificing security.



One document

Track all document changes with section-specific change logs, and easily revert to earlier page versions as you go.


Enterprise-level security

Work fast without risking your sensitive data. Xaitporter's enterprise-level security features make sure that your documents are protected.

Customer story: Aker BP

Learn how XaitPorter helped Aker BP create professional-looking PDO documents faster, easier, and with consistent formatting

More customer stories

XaitPorter explained


Speed up the document creation process

Don't worry about design; Xaitporter enforces layout for all contributors.



Work seamlessly and securely

Our cloud-based system provides enterprise-level security so that you can work fast without risk.


Increase document quality and win more

Now that you work faster, your team gets to focus on the quality of content while coping with important deadlines.

What is XaitPorter?

XaitPorter accelerates the process of creating large documents with co-authoring and team collaboration features. It is tailor-made for writing large RFP and tender response documents, proposals, contracts and bids.

Write effortlessly with automated formatting, enforced layout and our AI-powered content library. With enterprise-level security, you can create large documents 70% faster and meet crucial deadlines without the risk.

What are the key features and benefits?

XaitPorter’s unique combination of intuitive features, including co-authoring, workflow, content management, highly customizable layout templates, and status visibility, helps teams write more large, complex bids, proposals, RFPs and tenders faster in large teams.

How easy is it to use your software?

XaitPorter’s database-driven technology sits behind an intuitive, user friendly interface designed with a variety of features, including personalized dashboards, smart folders, and collaborative, co-authoring editor, help proposal teams and their subject matter experts quickly master writing, reviewing, approval and production.

How can your software help me streamline my process?

XaitPorter helps you tackle your business problems by eliminating task confusion, file emailing and compilation, status doubt and reformatting to save time, reduce response time and increase volume.

Who uses XaitPorter?

XaitPorter is ideal for large, cross-functional teams who collaborate on large volumes of high-value, high-impact content. What separates XaitPorter from the competition is it’s innovative, database-driven technology. For example, regulatory precision (energy and renewables), compliance accuracy (government), and standard content (professional services), as well as higher quality and professional, on-brand documents faster for all.

What types of bids, proposals, RFPs and tenders does your software support?

XaitPorter is ideal for large, complex bids, proposals, and tenders where cross-functional teams must collaborate on large volumes of high-value, high-impact content and deliver compliant, compelling quality on deadline.

What integrations do you offer?

Our seamless Salesforce integration leverages your CRM to create proposals in XaitPorter. Our seamless integration with XaitCPQ, Cost, Price, Quote, allows your sales reps to provide proposal pricing while retaining control in XaitCPQ. With our open API, we champion cross-system integration opportunities.

Is team collaboration secure?

The majority of our clients work with sensitive, confidential and often classified information so secure collaboration and data exchange is a top priority. To meet their needs, XaitPorter increases security control through security containers governed by granular, role-based, permissions.

Will using it change my proposal process?

While XaitPorter does not require you to change your proposal process, adapting your approach to it’s database-driven technology, for example, co-authoring and layout templates, will yield more time-saving, quality-driving results.

Does XaitPorter include AI?

Clients of XaitPorter are the first to work with XaitAI, our closed-system AI. By pointing XaitAI to your data, it learns and understands context and helps expedite RFP analysis and content development through intuitive suggestions.


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