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Podcast - The Xait Factor episode 6 is out!

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Cheryl Smith



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In the Xait Factor episode 6, Alan Tawse speaks with Kevin Craine about the elements and aspects of successful tendering. Alan is an experienced tenders and contracts manager. He spent over 26 years with Halliburton where he was responsible for tenders throughout Norway, Continental Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States.

In this first part of a two-part interview, Alan explores the importance of enterprise tenders, the disciplines and skills required to be successful, and some best practices to consider.

Listen to the podcast here: The Xait Factor

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Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith is our Senior Content Writer. She has additionally been writing and managing proposals since 1998. Shipley trained, she has helped establish proposal centers and advised on capture strategy, coached orals teams and lead marketing, communications and knowledge management programs. Cheryl is a graduate of The George Washington University with degrees in Theatre, Communications and Literature. When she’s not sharing her passion for work, she loves drawing, writing, cooking and exploring the Virginia woodlands with her husband, their dog Chase and the fuzzy guests they host for Rover.

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