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XaitPorter Case Study Franklin Energy Quote

Franklin Energy cut time spent on proposals in half using XaitPorter

Who is Franklin Energy:

Franklin Energy delivers the energy efficiency industry’s most substantial offering of demand-side management services and solutions to electric and natural gas utilities and statewide organizations across the United States and Canada. In late 2017, Christina Brickner, the Director of Proposals and Business Development Systems at Franklin Energy, began searching for a documentation collaboration and creation solution to fit their needs. Seeking something that would improve their writing process for proposals while also supporting the needs of their operational teams, Franklin Energy chose to start off with a pilot of XaitPorter. Within six months the team at Franklin Energy fully adopted XaitPorter, and have expanded usage across five departments.

“Having Christina at Franklin Energy greatly influenced how our companies would work together to achieve their objectives and success with XaitPorter. More specifically, she had a clear and concise plan for Change Management within their organization, which assured their success.”

Maria Luna, Vice President of Customer Xperience at Xait.

XaitPorter Case Study PTC Quote

PTC produced more consistent tenders in half the time using XaitPorter

Who is PTC?

Since it’s inception in 2002, PTC have innovated and patented technologies to improve production efficiency and the integrity of their clients’ wells. Shawn Le Maitre Sales & Marketing Manager with PTC talks about how they have leveraged XaitPorter to produce consistent tenders globally, saving at least 50% of their time.

I save at least 50% , probably more of the time I would normally need to do it

Shawn Le Maitre Sales & Marketing Manager with PTC

XaitPorter Case Study IKM

IKM reported an increase in quality and efficiency on their tender creation

Who is IKM?

IKM Ocean Design & IKM Subsea are two subsidiaries of  the IKM Group.. IKM Ocean Design is the leading Norwegian company within development and design of subsea fields. The company has personnel located in Trondheim, Stavanger and Oslo, and work on some of the largest most complex projects in the North Sea.

IKM Subsea is an innovative ROV operator with their own technologically advanced Merlin work class ROV technology. IKM Subsea is present in Singapore, Malaysia, Aberdeen and Headquartered in Bryne Norway.

With both subsidiaries looking at a situation with multiple locations, some of which international, and a prospect of working closer together on common projects, they were looking for a solution to improve their tendering process. Therefore they decided to trial XaitPorter. Their pilot program started in September 2014. The pilot allowed them to make a decision based on a 3 month test of XaitPorter within the departments on actual tenders.

Based on the initial dialogue with the IKM subsidiaries, we identified some challenge areas. This allowed us to pinpoint some key focus areas based on the challenges they were facing working in a serial process with word.