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Learn how XaitCPQ helped Penlon and their sales team to become more self-sufficient and get more quotations out the door

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Penlon is a world-class British medical device company, established in Oxford in 1943. Penlon develops, manufactures, and exports anesthesia and other medical products to over ninety countries worldwide, including China, Japan, and the USA.

The Challenge: Approval and Visibility Issues + Duplication of Effort

Penlon's quoting process presented a variety of challenges to both sales and admin teams, as well as management.

Sales Team Management

Historically, Penlon’s sales team created quotes using Excel spreadsheets. This posed multiple challenges, including...

  • Availability / access to Excel
  • Compatibility rules
  • Changes
  • Revisions
  • Forecasting
  • Discount approval time

Getting quotes approved, and approved on time, was quite challenging"

-Tony Serratore, Head of IT

The Solution: XaitCPQ Enables RSMs to Become More Self-Sufficient

Penlon came to the realization that they needed a highly available quoting system that would allow them to transfer their Excel spreadsheets – as a first phase – into a more intuitive, easy-to-use, and accessible system.

Their goal was to find a solution that would speed up the quoting process, eliminate errors and omissions, and ensure control and consistency in funnel management.

XaitCPQ stood out as the best quoting system that fit their unique requirements.

In addition, Penlon looked for a solution that would allow them to increase their quoting capacity. They wanted their Regional Sales Managers to actually produce the quotations. That meant they needed a mechanism where they could quickly produce quotes. By doing so, hopefully, more quotes would be produced.

The Adoption Process Was Smooth 

A good CPQ vendor should have a proven methodology that enables companies to introduce the system incrementally to ease the impact on an organization while gaining some quick wins. In Penlon's case, deployment and training went smoothly.

Results: Operational Improvement Across the Sales Cycle

How has Penlon’s quoting process fared so far after adopting XaitCPQ? As mentioned before, the company needed a quoting system that would help them empower their sales team and eliminate errors and emissions, ultimately increasing their quoting capacity.

With XaitCPQ (...) it kind of makes our sales team 24/7 operational, really. They can create a quote anytime, in any place, on any device

- Tony Serratore, Head of IT

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitCPQ helped Penlon overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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