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ScanWell uses XaitPorter to streamline their internal workflows and maintain a high level of quality across their organization.

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ScanWell is a global oil service company specializing in technology for well integrity, well testing, well monitoring, and production optimization.

With in-house-developed tools and services combined with extensive international operational experience, ScanWell stands out as a preferred partner and supplier.

In this case study, Morten Kvernvold, Scanwell CEO, discusses how adopting XaitPorter has helped the company streamline their internal workflows and maintain a high level of quality, brand and internal control.

Furthermore, we discover what potential uses of XaitPorter they see for their organization in the years to come.




Business Challenge

Since ScanWell was founded in 2008, they have continually improved their use of technology and tools. In the beginning, they used local storage units and file servers. After their locations and offices became geographically dispersed, they began using remote file sharing systems.

With ScanWell's industry, it's imperative that the company has the appropriate follow-up and documentation procedures, and that they abide by the same quality requirements as their suppliers.

ScanWell has always advocated working with organized data / databases instead of paper reports and traditional “paper mills”. Throughout the whole organization, both internally and externally, the company has managed to leverage digital database tools to ensure efficiency and control.

“You can really keep a good level of control, as long as you have the right tools!” says Kvernvold. “We found that XaitPorter could solve our challenges of coordinating throughout our organization and help us streamline the way we do reporting across multiple locations, based on a set format with specific requirements.”

Since ScanWell has offices all over the world and is a global service company, Kvernvold and his organization saw the need for a tool that could help them collaborate efficiently on documents from different locations

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped ScanWell overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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