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Proposal Managers
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Are you tired of cobbling together complex proposals based on process delays and last-minute reformatting while an impossible pile of new bids stack up? Deliver complex documents 70% faster with Xait.
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By improving operational efficiencies with XaitPorter, the team is lowering their carbon footprint and achieving a better work-life balance.


With XaitPorter, the team and its over 300 users have seen almost a year of savings and significantly increased annual volume. 


With XaitProposal’s automated layouts, including 30 templates for 300 users in 7 countries, the team saves time for quality content. 

Deliver 70% faster

Today’s proposal managers are ditching files and manual effort for database systems that deliver complex documents 70% faster. Leverage content, co-author, auto-format, monitor status, keep your team in sync, and save time for work/life balance and more proposals.

Proposal Directors

Proposal Directors

Standardize process for greater efficiency, govern content for greater quality, save time and do more with the same staff.


Proposal Managers

Automatically keep your team on track, eliminate reformatting efforts, control access, including external partners. 


Proposal Contributors

Eliminate the blank page, write and review in parallel, know what to work on and when it’s due, and save time.


Marketing Managers

Enforce brand layouts, tailor for each customer, product or service, and save time to do more with the same team.

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