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Nov 14, 2019

Get your proposal process on the right track

Think of your proposal creation process as the subway line you use to go to work every day. Ideally, that..

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Nov 12, 2019

Improve efficiency in your proposal processes with these 6 tips

Creating successful proposals takes more than just getting the words right, it takes a high level of process..

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Nov 07, 2019

Collaboration is more than just sharing your proposal document

In one of our recent blog articles, Content is King – How to optimize your content management, my colleague..

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Nov 05, 2019

How to write a winning proposal

A killer proposal is critical to win new business, so it needs to put your company’s best foot forward. After..

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Oct 31, 2019

Content is King – How to optimize your content management

Managing and maintaining content in and across documents is a challenge that most organizations face...

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Oct 29, 2019

Take file sharing to the next level with proposal co-authoring

Bids and proposals are high-stakes, highly complex documents containing a wide variety of content from across..

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Oct 25, 2019

A simple guide to complex document collaboration

Document collaboration and co-authoring should be simple, but often becomes a complex subject. Why is that?..

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Oct 10, 2019

How to efficiently handle document collaboration across regions

Have you ever been thinking that everyone working under the same roof would be more efficient?

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Oct 08, 2019

Increase your efficiency and save time with a proposal software

Working together to create a proposal can be time-consuming, frustrating, even chaotic. 

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Jun 03, 2019

Integrate, adapt, overcome

The “2019 Connectivity Benchmark Report”, conducted by renowned market research company Vanson Bourne and..

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