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Ocean services provider DeepOcean uses XaitPorter to focus on what matters – quality content in their tenders

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As one of the world's leading ocean services providers, DeepOcean enables energy transition and sustainable use of ocean resources. The company offers survey, engineering, project management, installation, maintenance, and recycling services for oil and gas, offshore renewables, deep sea minerals, and other ocean services.

Across its global offices, DeepOcean is a trusted independent solutions provider with highly skilled industry experts. The company uses world-class fit-for-purpose tools and technology to drive cost-efficient and safe operations. Furthermore, it delivers innovative engineering solutions focusing on remote and unmanned operations and digitally-enabled services while continuously striving to lower its carbon footprint.

The challenge

A tender production process that was time-consuming as a result of last-minute formatting

Each year, DeepOcean produces and submits a significant number of tenders. Previously, the company used MS Word to create these large and complex documents.

DeepOcean's document production process worked well for them. However, when it comes to creating tenders, which have a lot of documentation, attachments, and images, desktop publishing tools like Word are known to have certain limitations.

One of DeepOcean’s Tender Managers, Ragnhild Brekke-Brandtzæg, elaborates:

"We spent a lot of time on formatting and layout, especially right before the submission date, which could sometimes be stressful."

Due to DeepOcean's well-established tender production process, the company was able to overcome these challenges. Even so, there was room for improvement. The company began looking for a document collaboration solution that could support their already robust internal process – and gradually improve it.

“Just before Christmas, management gave us a Christmas gift – the go-ahead to buy XaitPorter licenses…!”
– Ragnhild Brekke-Brandtzæg, Tender Manager

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped DeepOcean overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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