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dinHMS- gruppen

Learn how using XaitPorter gives dinHMS-gruppen an edge over their competition, helping them win more contracts.

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XaitPorter allows dinHMS-gruppen to avoid manual formatting of documents and ensures that all their content is readily available to everyone in their organization. Co-authoring and automation functionality has cut costs, complexity and time needed to produce their bids and proposals

Who is dinHMS-gruppen?

dinHMS-gruppen (English translation: yourHSE Group) is a nationwide occupational health services provider assisting Norwegian companies in their efforts to implement targeted measures to prevent illness, injury and sick leave, and to promote a healthy and thriving workplace environment. 

dinHMS-gruppen offers a wide range of practical tools and online solutions that help simplify and optimize organizations’ preventive health, safety and environmental standards.

An expert network comprising of four subsidiary companies, dinHMS-gruppen consists of more than a hundred highly skilled OHS professionals around the country.

Pål Lillebø, CEO at dinHMS, shares with us how they have leveraged XaitPorter to remove process inefficiencies and ensure consistent quality across their business documents.

The challenge: Manually editing, formatting, and numbering

Like so many organizations today, dinHMS-gruppen relied on manual processes and Word to manage content and achieve consistency in and across their business-critical documents. 

Unsurprisingly, this check-in/check-out system hampered their ability to do so. They were battling version control, and hassling with formatting layers and numbering. It all added up to wasted time and undue risk.


Lillebø explains:

– With Word, we had to break the document into sub-documents, assigning responsibilities to each part. This lead to a fragmented and serial production process.  Co-authors didn’t really work on the same document in real time. Each person had to work on it one at a time and then email it to the next person in line, so that they could do their part. This made it hard to keep track of the original content and manage the many different versions.


This is exactly the point where project managers begin to lose control and encounter the dreaded time vacuum of manually editing, formatting, and numbering. 

Getting all those stubborn tables to sit straight, composing the images and graphs, adjusting the table of contents, checking the bulleting and numbering. It’s a pain.

Then, towards the end of the process, the person responsible for compiling the document needs to collate a variety of files, generate the document, and ensure that the formatting and layout are consistent.


– The various sub-documents being handed in by our contributors were inconsistent in terms of fonts, layout, numbering, everything, and we had to do some serious cut and paste to get a consistent layout in the final document.


File sharing wastes time and opportunities 

Version tracking issues and problems compiling multiple formats and parts into one consistent document often result in caffeine-fueled all-nighters to meet deadlines. This was the case for dinHMS-gruppen, as well.


– Using Word to create our proposals and other business-critical documents didn’t enable us to simultaneously assign roles and responsibilities to individual members of our team. Pulling an all-nighter the day before submitting the proposal was no rare occurrence...


File-sharing can lead to expensive mistakes, and wasted business opportunities. For dinHMS-gruppen. using Word not only wasted precious time, but it also tended to steal the focus every proposal team needs to be able to put together a winning proposal. 

Consequently, dinHMS-gruppen realized they needed a different, more strategic and secure tendering process.


The solution: XaitPorter and automatic formatting

Download the case study as a PDF and learn how using XaitPorter gives dinHMS-gruppen an edge over their competition, helping them win more contracts.

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped dinHMS-gruppeb overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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