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Nordic Unmanned

Drone systems and services provider Nordic Unmanned uses XaitPorter to create bids and proposals faster. Find out how they do it.

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Nordic Unmanned delivers comprehensive data solutions through industry leading expertise, to assist both public and private customers in the transition to unmanned technology. The focus is to support demanding clients by collecting time-critical data with the use of unmanned technology.

The Challenge: File-Based Solutions

The massive growth of Nordic Unmanned has resulted in an increasing number of new hires. Increasingly, the organization has become more specialized, with contributors across a wide range of business areas.

Which document management solution did they use? You guessed it; we're talking about the W-word. That file-based solution that many companies struggle with when putting together highly complex business documents.

– We managed to piece together Word documents, but it was a pain. Countless hours were spent formatting. 

The Solution: XaitPorter and the Benefits of a Content Library 

Drange had worked with a Xait product consultant in two previous deployments of XaitPorter, at other companies. Having this person on board was a prerequisite for her when implementing the system. 

– Ole Jacob Bryne knows exactly what I need and don't need, and we work well together. 

An Onboarding Process in a Matter of Minutes

The first bid went out only four days after they had the template in place, says Drange. 

– XaitPorter has been well received by those who have gone through the training. Many of the people involved in the bid we submitted within four days of using the system had never used one before. However, after 30 minutes of introductory training, they were up and running. All I had to do was tweak the formatting. 

Further, she says: 

XaitPorter is so intuitive that by the time you've gone through it the first time, you know the way it works.

- Cecilier Drange, Chief Revenue Officer

Results: Bids Are Created Faster

Nordic Unmanned has been using XaitPorter for almost six months now. What gains have they seen thus far in productivity?

– The bids take much less time to write, that’s for sure. Our content library is not yet fully in place, so we haven't yet analyzed how much time we save. I'm waiting for Q4 results before I begin to analyze this, but we obviously save a lot of production time.

In the unmanned aviation industry, rules and regulations play an important role. Consequently, RFPs require operators to demonstrate full compliance with protocols regarding quality, safety, security, and overall "etiquette" for commercial drone operation. 

Xait is excited about what the future holds for our collaboration with Nordic Unmanned. As the company likes to put it – the flight has just taken off.

The future is unmanned, and it’s automated!

For more information, visit www.nordicunmanned.com


Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped Nordic Unmanned overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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