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XaitPorter + XaitCPQ: A Sales Enablement Platform to Win More Revenue

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Kevin Craine



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Sales enablement is quickly becoming an important C-Suite objective for global, enterprise organizations. According to HubSpot, 37% of organizations consider sales enablement to be their top marketing priority over the next 12 months. It’s easy to see what all the fuss is about. Organizations that have undertaken a sales enablement initiative see an increase in sales between 6% - 20% as a result. 

With all the sales enablement solutions available it can be hard to know which ones are right. In this article, we will examine how the synergy and combination of XaitPorter and XaitCPQ can help you capture more revenue and supercharge your bottom line.


Get “Xaited”

XaitPorter is an innovative software platform that provides a number of powerful tools for proposal co-authoring and collaboration, and it is ideal for large, multi-national enterprise operations in industries like Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Life Science, and Insurance. For these organizations, complex tenders, proposals, and reports fuel organizational performance and profitability. 

Major corporations around the world gain an important competitive advantage using XaitPorter by enabling their teams to more collaboratively create, manage and produce enterprise documents and maximize revenue from bids and proposals. 


Quote and Sell

Xait’s enterprise-class CPQ software, XaitCPQ, integrates important Configure-Price-Quote functionality into the XaitPorter solution, and the combination is a powerful sales enablement tool for major organizations in all industries. 

XaitCPQ can be used as a standalone pricing software or integrated with leading CRM and ERP systems. It is ideal for automating and streamlining product configuration and quoting; teams have everything they need at their fingertips to close deals faster, with better collaboration, control, and transparency. 


Synergy Boosts Sales

The synergy of XaitPorter and XaitCPQ bolsters the ability of bid directors and proposal management professionals to capture more revenue. “It's the glue that binds everything together,” said Frank Sohn, President and CEO of Novus CPQ consulting in a recent interview on the Xait Factor podcast. “You have to have a configurable product. Often the questions become: What combinations are possible? What combinations should you actually sell? What makes the most sense, and how would I build these into a successful proposal?” 

With XaitPorter and XaitCPQ, organizations find that it is quick and easy to correctly build and price combinations of products and services, and to do so at scale. This is essential for large enterprises with multiple product offerings, multiple partners, and multiple countries involved. Now you can eliminate the guesswork about which products, or combinations of products, will meet both the needs of the customer as well as the organization. 

A 21st Century Sales Tool 

“XaitPorter is a great tool for writing proposals,” explains Eirik Gudmundsen, CEO of Xait. “But any proposal will, of course, include pricing. And if you have your pricing set up in a spreadsheet or something similar you’re already at a disadvantage.” Indeed, there is a huge improvement having an integrated Configure-Price-Quote solution like XaitCPQ built right in. Since both solutions can integrate via CRM systems like Salesforce or others, users can quickly create the prices they need and then push that into a formal XaitPorter proposal.

Next-Generation Collaboration

Beyond landing more deals and making more sales, the improved integration and teamwork as a result of adopting Xait is key to gaining real competitive sales advantage over time. Studies at Harvard have found that the amount of time employees spend engaged in collaborative work has increased roughly 50 percent in recent years. Unfortunately, much of that time is spent unproductively; 83% of workers say they lose or waste time each day dealing with collaboration issues

Xait changes all that with a more intelligent approach to document co-authoring and proposal management that is one sure way to leave your slow-moving competitors behind.

Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

“Another important advantage is that the tools work to increase the average order value,” says Kevin Geraghty, Managing Director and Head of CPQ practice at Xait. “It works to also increase the conversion rate because the quality of the outputs is better. And it's faster, so you can quickly build a very tangible return on investment.” 

This sales enablement approach is an extension of the philosophy that already exists in XaitPorter – leveraging the advantages of centralized, database-driven, document coauthoring, and a single place where authors and stakeholders go for content that they know is up-to-date and ready to go. XaitCPQ continues that way of working; pricing and quote information becomes an integrated and essential part of the overall proposal/sales process.

Empower Your Teams to Sell More

Xait customer organizations find that they have empowered their teams to sell more. Winning teams outpace their competitors because they are able to assemble the various parts, pieces and pricing they need for their proposals and tenders quickly, and with confidence that the information is up-to-date. In the end, teams sell more, more quickly, and with less effort. 

Moving Forward

The complexity of selling has increased. Organizations that leverage new technology and tools like those from Xait will be the ones that come out on top in our changing business environment. Look to the combination of XaitPorter and XaitCPQ to provide you with the tools you need to increase sales team success, boost the quality of buyer interactions, and maximize sales and revenue.

I invite you to learn more by downloading the white paper Xait Just Made it Easier for Customers to Buy from You. Learn best practices you can use today and sign up here for a free demo. XaitPorter is ideal for complex tenders, proposals and reports, and implemented by major corporations around the world. 


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Kevin Craine

Kevin Craine is a writer, technology analyst, and an award-winning podcast producer. He is the host of "The Xait Factor" podcast and has listeners and readers worldwide. He was named the #1 Enterprise Content Management Influencer to follow on Twitter.

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