What to Expect When You Choose Xait

What to Expect When You Choose Xait

Catarina Rocha
01. Jul 2021 | 3 min read

What to Expect When You Choose Xait

Have you and your company decided to start using Xait’s services? Congratulations!

Once you’ve made the switch to Xait, you can sit back and relax! The journey will be smoother from now on and your team and business will thank you. 

Here’s what to expect when you choose to partner with the best:

Welcome on Board

You are in good hands. Our Customer Success and Delivery team will ensure you are set for success. 

With the right expertise on your side, onboarding will take approximately two days, depending on the size of your team. Our specialists will assist you with implementation by:

  • Developing a timeline plan
  • Training your team
  • Building your first project

Take your time and ask as much as you need. The training may seem long but it’s well worth it as it will save you time in the long run. 

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Buckle Up

Now that you and your team are all set up, get ready to win! 

Whether you have chosen XaitPorter, XaitCPQ or both, expect an easy ride from now on. Get ready for real document co-authoring, automation, collaboration, and intelligent pricing.

Moving forward, you will have higher quality and professional documents, better workflow, automatic formatting, layout and numbering. It will also be easier to reuse content, meet deadlines, secure information, deal with complexity, and win – time, money and energy! 

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Enjoy the Ride

There´s nothing to fear! With more than 20 years of experience, Xait is one of the front-runners in the fast-growing co-authoring, automation, collaboration, and intelligent pricing software market. Experts in Oil and Services, we keep experiencing strong growth in other markets such as IT, construction and engineering, life sciences, and governmental. All looking for the right solution to manage their complex tender, proposals, bids, documentation creation and pricing processes. 

When it comes to security Xait meets the highest international standard. ISO 27001 an internationally recognized information security management standard ensuring that a business has stringent processes in place to identify, manage and reduce risks to information security. 

Now that you know what to expect from Xait, relax and enjoy the journey!

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Catarina Rocha

Catarina Rocha

Catarina is Sales Development Representative at Xait. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Design and a Master´s in Marketing and Advertising. She is an energetic problem-solver, and a communicative and results-oriented professional, with experience in the entertainment, hospitality and social enterprise industries. Born and raised in Madeira Island, Catarina grew up surrounded by the ocean and the mountains. She left Portugal to broaden her horizons, and since then she has lived and worked in the Channel Islands, Scotland, and Norway. When she is not busy prospecting, you can find her swimming in the beautiful fjords, exploring Norway or having a good time with her friends.

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