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Don't miss the deadline on your Proposals!

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Tore Medhaug



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Developing winning proposals has become more and more complex, and I won’t be surprised if this continues. We’re certainly seeing this in the Energy and Renewable sectors; the demand for more documentation, certificates and other forms and narratives required for compliance.

One of the biggest challenges I hear is how to stay on top of proposal content development, especially when experts are spread throughout multiple offices across different cities and even countries.

Does this sound familiar? After a stressful effort to gather the content, it takes a sprint to compile and format for review. Or worse, information is missing, updated in the wrong version of the document, or using the wrong size image. The list of things to fix for submission goes on. A key staffing graph is incorrect. An important product image is spread over two pages. Numbering is off even though you’ve corrected it three times.

It’s frustrating and time-consuming. Your deadline has arrived and the team has worked its way into a corner. You have no choice; submit your proposal knowing it lacks required information and cross your fingers, hoping you’ll win. Of course, you’re never surprised when you’re not selected.

To keep their teams moving forward in a smarter, more efficient and structured way, our Energy & Renewable clients use XaitPorter. Instead of spending time on formatting and layout, numbering and images, they are investing time in making sure their content is great, compliant and compelling. Instead of frustration and stress, they finish and move on to other proposals, way before the deadline. And they are winning all over the world.

Proposal Executives:

  • Increase your win rate through quality and quantity without additional staff.
  • Submit on time, every time without the late-night, staff burning sprint.
  • Time to invest in content compliance, integrity and confidentiality.

Proposal Managers:

  • Create more compelling proposals up to 70% faster.
  • Streamline and simplify your proposal process, from bid decision to submission and beyond.
  • Eliminate the formatting battle, automatically enforce formatting throughout development.

Proposal Teams:

  • Save time, skip the wait to write, write and review in parallel.
  • Work in the current version every time, view the final layout on-demand.
  • Know what tasks remain throughout the process, sorted by urgency.


Improve the quality of your documents
Invest your time in winning content instead of process. By streamlining their process, XaitPorter teams invest their time on the content evaluators want to read, understand and defend.

Automate your writing process
Bid more with your same team. By capturing reusable content as they develop each new proposal, XaitPorter teams enlarge and refine their library automatically. So, the next proposal is even easier – and faster – to create because their teams focus on just what's different or unique.

Parallel processes – faster production
Submit faster without the frustrating, late-night formatting sprint. By enforcing their formatting throughout development, XaitPorter teams save up to 70% of production time!

The bigger proposals are, the more unwieldy they become. And you know what that means. Document crashes are a thing of the past for XaitPorter teams, thanks to our heavy-duty cloud-based technology built to handle proposals of any size.

Complete deadline control
On-time but missing requirements? Missed the deadline? Too bad. XaitPorter teams never stress over making a deadline because they have complete, real-time control over, and visibility into, team tasks, deadlines and progress.

Despite the growing complexity of proposals, businesses must continue to bid and compete to survive and grow. XaitPorter helps them adapt and overcome today’s big challenge so they stay on top of proposal content development, despite resource, location and time constraints.

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Author picture

Tore Medhaug

Tore holds a Technical degree and has a variety of business courses from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously worked for different oil service companies and IT companies. Tore used to be Norway's biggest self-proclaimed golf talent, and also has a big passion for Ice hockey.

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