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Crack The Proposal Time-Saving Nut, Part 2: Time-Saving Proposal Communications

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Cheryl Smith



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Project management is at the core of your proposal management process; from developing the plan and coordinating the resources to shipping, and managing every step in between. 

In other words, you are managing a proposal project, and that project is just as critical to business performance and organizational success as any software development or delivery project.

The difference lies in a simple factor; with proposal management, you (usually) don’t own the expert resources. An executive draws them, and the funding, from across the organization for just enough time to develop the proposal and win the new business. It is your job to lead them and manage their time wisely. 

  • Stop emailing the calendar. Go with an online, centralized proposal team calendar and stop searching email. There is one calendar, everyone consults it, and when you update it, everyone is notified.
  • Stop emailing assignments. Define tasks online, complete with annotations and deadlines. The team manages their tasks from an online dashboard, and you know who is working and when they are done without "unread" or "lost" emails. 
  • Stop leaving voicemails. Centralizing proposal tasks and calendars delivers any number of process workflows for automating team alerts. Repeat and scale. Save time by establishing online environment templates that leverage folder structure, user access and permissions, and reusable content, all with the push of a button. Need something different? Establish a template for each type of proposal you pursue.

Bottom Line: Don’t let manual coordination slow you down when proposal management-specific tools will help save time and keep your team in sync and on deadline. 

Part three will focus on how not to let a lack of information slow down the proposal process.

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Author picture

Cheryl Smith

Cheryl Smith is our Senior Content Writer. She has additionally been writing and managing proposals since 1998. Shipley trained, she has helped establish proposal centers and advised on capture strategy, coached orals teams and lead marketing, communications and knowledge management programs. Cheryl is a graduate of The George Washington University with degrees in Theatre, Communications and Literature. When she’s not sharing her passion for work, she loves drawing, writing, cooking and exploring the Virginia woodlands with her husband, their dog Chase and the fuzzy guests they host for Rover.

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