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Turning Remote Work into a Corporate Strength

Turning Remote Work into a Corporate Strength

Kris Sæther
03. Sep 2020 | 4 min read

Turning Remote Work into a Corporate Strength


Recent events have had a great impact on businesses of all types. Remote work has taken center stage as organizations rethink their operations. Companies are leaving old notions of the office behind and focusing instead on online teams, increased flexibility, and improved collaboration.


The Strength of Co-Authoring

XaitPorter is a document co-authoring platform that turns the remote workplace into a strength.

That’s where we come in. XaitPorter is a document co-authoring solution that provides a number of important capabilities that help turn the remote workplace into a strength.

Database-Driven Co-Authoring – At the core of our approach is the concept of database-driven co-authoring. Many popular systems are very good at file sharing, but they are not well-suited for co-authoring, especially when high-stakes documents like proposals or regulatory submissions total hundreds of pages and require involvement from people across the enterprise. Managing the process can be a nightmare.

Instead, the XaitPorter solution employs a single-source repository where all your content is managed. The database-driven approach ensures that if a section or content is updated or changed, the revisions are included across all of the documents that are in production. Now you can avoid late nights and last-minute panic trying to determine which is the most current and complete copy of that important proposal.


Seamless Access – It is not uncommon for authors to spend more time managing the assembly of content versus actually contributing value to the process. XaitPorter gives you the ability to collaborate seamlessly on the same document with external data sources integrated right into the document. The results are massive gains in efficiency and collaboration while boosting team member value in the effort overall.

XaitPorter provides a distinct competitive advantage for your remote teams by removing the barriers between documents, people and collaboration. 

With XaitPorter you can react more quickly to opportunities in the market – another key differentiator for organizations competing in all industries today – and break down the silos between departments, people and information. XaitPorter speeds and supports the process of co-authoring critical proposals, submissions and documentation that are of the highest quality and integrity.


Anywhere, Anytime Access – Companies that are successful at adopting a mobile workforce will be the ones that are successful in the future. XaitPorter helps you do this by enabling anywhere, anytime access to documents and content. Co-authoring becomes a powerful collaboration tool that allows a much more agile response from people and resources both inside and outside the organization.

The combination of seamless, anywhere access to information and database-driven co-authoring provides a distinct competitive advantage for your remote teams. Now they work concurrently no matter where they are located – onsite, at home, or on the go.


Strengthen Your Success

Collaboration and teamwork are perhaps the most underrated and underutilized business performance tactics. With XaitPorter, you can turn the remote workplace into a strength and a clear competitive advantage.

I invite you to learn more by downloading our new white paper, Co-Authoring: The Future of Collaboration. Learn best practices you can use today and sign up here for a free demo.

XaitPorter is the benchmark team co-authoring and automation software solution. Ideal for complex tenders, proposals and reports, and implemented by major corporations around the world.


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Kris Sæther

Kris Sæther

Kris Sæther is Chief Commercial Officer of Xait. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Studies, and has worked in financial communication in London and Frankfurt prior to joining Xait. He has 20+ years experience from the information management industry. Kris is an avid runner and skier, and a passionate fan of the world’s coolest soccer team, Tottenham. If he is not working or running you will find him cheering for his two daughters on the handball court.

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