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Twelve Days of Christmas Day-Nine-Integrated Processes Sections

The Ninth Day: 9 Integrated Systems

“On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me 9 integrated systems, 8 peers reviewing, 7 ways to collaborate, 6 skilled reviewers, 5 approvers approving, 4 zoomable images, 3 key texts, 2 dashboard reports and one project in XaitPorter” 

In the classic version of “12 Days of Christmas”, the receiver is given the gift of 9 ladies dancing. Xait proposes a different present, but one which might get you dancing nonetheless.

Time is rarely on the side of a bid manager, project coordinator, sales executive or contract manager. Bid managers need to manage a pipeline of tenders, often with finite resources. Sales executives are usually under pressure to maintain a healthy funnel of offers or proposals. Project coordinators and contract managers may be requested to quickly react to customer requests for NDAs, contract addendums or SOWs. When a proposal, contract or a SOW is requested at short notice, other activities are usually postponed to gather information from multiple systems and resources across the organization. Results: deadlines for other projects slip, important tasks or activities are postponed.

XaitPorter helps you automate this process by integrating with other systems, including CRM (ie. Salesforce), contract management, ERP or project systems. Information in the form of metadata – such as pricing, design, customer information, company, product boilerplates – is pushed from the core system into XaitPorter. The metadata populates the pre-built document templates in XaitPorter, with pre-defined processes governing the information flow to automate the selection of data required for the tender, NDA, contract, proposal, application or other template. The system data is added to the template, which is also populated with the correct boilerplates and standard information. No cut and paste, no typos or errors transferring data from its originating system to your document. No need to stretch resources, call in favors or postpone projects.

With XaitPorter’s integration capabilities and automated processes, you can generate a completed proposal or NDA based on the pre-approved information from the originating system – and it’s almost as simple as a single click. We hope you think this is something to dance about.

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