The benefits of a centralized content database

The benefits of a centralized content database

Zach Thatcher
05. Dec 2019 | 4 min read

The benefits of a centralized content database

There is one consistent theme that has emerged throughout the technology landscape: the cloud. Cloud-based systems are the new standard; whether you are curating a music library, watching your favorite TV show, or simply sharing a file. A cloud-based system’s functionality is driven by two basic concepts: how content is stored, and how it is shared.

Sharing is a tangible concept for most, but how content is stored can be a bit more up in the air. All puns aside, the benefits of a centralized content database or storage system can often be overlooked.

A database is not a unique concept to XaitPorter, but can often be new to users who come from file-based solutions. Let’s look at the key benefits of moving to a centralized database for document writing, and why our customers choose Xait.


Minimizing data redundancy

One of the major benefits of a database is reducing data redundancy. Time and time again we find that proposal coordinators and writers are still being burdened by file-based solutions, whether it’s waiting to receive the most up to date version of a document or trying to ensure every team member works from the same revision. The result is the same: lost time.

With a database solution like XaitPorter, users can all be working on the same version of a document without having to worry about their changes being missed or dealing with multiple revision files. Everyone has access to the content they need, all in one place. This creates a streamlined writing process and frees up local space for users.


Creating consistency

File-based systems create data redundancy, but they can also lead to inconsistency in your final product. When different versions of a file are stored in different places, it can be difficult to ensure the content remains consistent throughout the entire document.

When users operate out of and store their work in XaitPorter, any work or changes are made in the database and instantly reflected. Instead of having to share the new version of a document with your team, in XaitPorter your team has access to the document you are working on and can see the changes you’ve made in real time.


Sharing securely

Another important aspect of a database system is the security behind it, and privacy. Considering the current climate and recent data breaches, it’s clear that data security is a higher priority than ever for businesses.

Xait is proud to say we are ISO 27001 Certified – the highest international security standard. How content is shared in a database is also key to security; if you have all your data in one central location, an obvious concern is controlling how that information is shared with users. Our solution is permissions-based: Users only see what they have been specifically given access to within XaitPorter, which makes for easy content control.


Data recovery

A huge benefit of database systems is backup and recovery functionality. In cloud-based systems users typically do not have to worry about file-based habits, such as manually saving work.

In XaitPorter, a user’s work is automatically saved every 30 seconds. XaitPorter also saves restore points for users, so they can easily recall a previous version of a document they were working on.

Most importantly, if a critical version of a document is held on a local storage system and is deleted there is no way to recover it without a backup. Xait backs up your content for you, and in the event a document is deleted we can recover your data.


Final thoughts

Centralized content databases solve multiple pain points for users and seek to meet the business needs of a constantly evolving market. Data management, security, and content control are just some of the many reasons our customers choose Xait.


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Zach Thatcher

Zach Thatcher

Zach Thatcher is a Customer Success Manager at Xait. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Texas State University and comes from a background in software sales. In his spare time, Zach enjoys playing guitar and attending as many concerts as fiscally possible.

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