Nostalgia has its place, just not in your business

Nostalgia has its place, just not in your business

08. May 2014 | 4 min read

Nostalgia has its place, just not in your business

Nothing is cooler than classic, vintage, antique and nostalgic these days. Whether it’s your classic car, vintage Levi jeans or an antique chandelier hanging in your dining room, it represents your knowledge of quality items and your appreciation for the well-built. Unless of course, that “antique” is being used to help run and manage processes within your business. There is a reason rotary phones and typewriters aren’t on your desk anymore, and it’s not because they simply don’t work, it’s because they have been left behind by superior technologies that increase efficiency and improve bottom lines.

Businesses today value innovation, thought leadership, collaboration and being forward thinking. They aren’t thought of as being hip or cool when they use technologies of old, they are thought of as behind the times, unwilling to change or just simply outdated.

Typewriters, Rotary Phones and Microsoft Word?

So what is the next technology to go the way of rotary phones and typewriters?

• Will instant messaging replace email?

• Will tablets replace desktop computers?

• Will employees be encouraged to work from home to save companies the expense of having an office?

• Or will it be something as simple as a replacement for Microsoft Word or any other comparable word processing application?

Of course none of these will happen overnight but that doesn’t mean the change hasn’t already started to take place. Just look at Facebook’s recent $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, the time of instant messaging is upon us. Apple’s iPad has revolutionized the way we can interact with our digital world and the onset of successful global companies and even global teams within companies has proven that colleagues don’t need to be in the same building or even the same country to achieve great collaborative results. But what is next for word processing and how is the next iteration of putting words to the proverbial paper going to be handled?

Well, as you might have guessed, it’s already being done with XaitPorter and it is addressing three major downfalls of common word processing programs today. We are being nice and only listing three but if you would like to see the full feature set of XaitPorter go ahead and click here.


XaitPorter was designed around the idea of collaboration, the concept of many individuals working in the same document at the same time. Let’s not get this confused with sharing, which of course, allows the document to be saved and emailed out to team members 1, 2 and 3. Now each team member makes their changes and emails it back to the reviewer who now has to incorporate those changes and hopes that each team member used the same formatting options. True collaboration allows team members 1, 2, and 3 to work simultaneously on the document while in the cloud, no versions to piece together, no re-formatting and no wondering who made what change and when.


Let’s face it, Microsoft Word and its ilk were never designed with security management in mind. They were designed to be a typewriter on a computer screen. Large and small companies alike have to be more and more concerned with the security of their documents and even the security of sections within documents. XaitPorter lets projects managers set permissions for individual documents and even portions within a document to ensure those who are seeing the document should be seeing the document and those that shouldn’t aren’t.

Process Management

How does a project manager keep team members on task when building a complex document? The answer might be different depending on what program you are using to manage the document but let’s just say sending an email with a request to “review pages 13-34” is not the solution most project managers are looking for. With XaitPorter you have the ability to assign tasks and even create workflows to ensure every team member knows their responsibilities and can be held accountable for their work.

So what is the difference between nostalgic and outdated? Well if you ask us, one makes you think of happier times and the other just costs you time and money…



Xait is redefining document collaboration. We believe that document collaboration should be about improving both quality and productivity. And this is exactly what we help our customers do with XaitPorter. By removing interruptions in the document creation process, we provide our customers with focus.

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