Be a jet; get to your purchase order at lightning speed!

Be a jet; get to your purchase order at lightning speed!

16. Jan 2017 | 3 min read

Be a jet; get to your purchase order at lightning speed!

Better efficiency is often neglected, even though it will lead to more profitability, expansion and goal congruence in the long run. In a bid to cut costs, reducing your spending might actually compromise your income, which will be a gift to your competitors who will hereby gain an advantage in the market. If you are more focused on efficiency over cost, Xait's approach is, that you will be more successful and much more focused on the tasks at hand. This is why you need to take a look at our list below on how you can increase your efficiency by using XaitPorter:

10 ways to increase your efficiency

1. Delegate tasks

Our intuitive software, XaitPorter, easily delegate tasks to the right people to reach your goals more quickly and finish your tasks on time. Select writers, reviewers, and approvers. Set individual deadlines. The result is clearly defined responsibilities, and a streamlined process.

2. Real time project updates

When you work in a word processor, you risk overwriting and duplicating work. In XaitPorter, your document is split into sections. When you work on a section, it is locked for other users to edit. However, others will still be able to see the latest version of the document and its sections as everything is updated in real-time.

3. Project manage at a glance

Your XaitPorter dashboard keeps control of all your tasks, your items left to do and your deadlines.

4. Focus on the task at hand

In XaitPorter, you work with set document templates. You don’t need to spend any time on numbering, formatting or layout, as it is all taken care of. And your documents will always follow your corporate branding guidelines. Because you always have access to the latest version, you can track the development of the document from day one. In addition, XaitPorter gives you a complete audit trail.

5. Collaborate from anywhere

XaitPorter is a cloud solution, you can see and work on the latest version of your documents from anywhere. You can easily invite partners, sub-contractors, and consultants to work with you; making your efforts truly collaborative.

6. Easy navigation

If you have ever tried to navigate a document of 1000 pages, you know that it’s a tedious task. In XaitPorter, you navigate through your document using the automatically generated table of contents. Your document consists of several sections and subsections, and you can easily move from one to another.

7. Reuse information

Because XaitPorter is built on a database, you can easily copy and reuse content, outlines and workflows.

8. No more post-its

In XaitPorter, all your comments are stored in one place. You add and respond to comments directly in your workspace.

9. Safe as houses

Since everything is stored in the cloud, you will never run the risk of losing your precious documents.

10. No more waiting 

Support is always at hand, only a few dials away if you get stuck...



Xait is redefining document collaboration. We believe that document collaboration should be about improving both quality and productivity. And this is exactly what we help our customers do with XaitPorter. By removing interruptions in the document creation process, we provide our customers with focus.

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