Create documents faster with XaitPorter

Create documents faster with XaitPorter

Tore Medhaug
01. Oct 2020 | 4 min read

Create documents faster with XaitPorter

In 1748, Benjamin Franklin wrote an essay called “Advice to a Young Tradesman”, where the sentence ‘Remember that time is money’ appeared. The saying is intended to convey the monetary cost of laziness, by pointing out that when one is paid for the amount of time one spends working, minimizing wasted time also minimizes the amount of money that is lost...

In other words, the most important work happens before you start writing the document. The last thing you want to do when you create a document is to write, because you need to know what to do in advance.

And remember, if you are writing business critical documents such as tenders, bids or proposals, there is NO second place.


Higher-quality documents, created faster

Working against time limits and deadlines can be hard and tough. Have you also noticed that the document specs and complexity have changed over the years? Unfortunately, it has not become easier. On the contrary, it has become much harder.

A typical example is right before deadline, when you are putting together all the different documents from you and your colleagues into one single document. Since everyone has different writing skills and formatting skills, it’s always time-consuming putting all pieces, images and text into one. This sounds easy, and it should be, but in reality you have probably faced the opposite. And no one understands you when you try to explain how hard it is to compile the different elements into one consistent document.

XaitPorter will help you create large and complex documents faster, with higher quality. This means you will complete the document long before the deadline, and you will have time to respond to other proposals as well.

Last week one of our clients told me that a global corporation asked them if they could deliver a proposal on two days’ notice. They managed to do so, only because they were using XaitPorter.


5 XaitPorter benefits to love

Here are my 5 favorite XaitPorter benefits:

Improved document quality: The streamlined and efficient XaitPorter process lets teams focus on the document content.

Content library content automation: Every document enlarges and refines your cloud-based corporate content library. By reusing existing content, you can create the next document even easier and faster.

Parallel processes – faster production: No more waiting for others to complete their tasks. Save up to 70% of the production time!

Complete deadline control: Complete control over the production progress – no worries about not making the deadline.

Reliability: A heavy-duty solution built to handle bids and proposals of any size! No task is too big!


Do you know why it's called ‘deadline’?

The term ‘deadline’ has uncertain origins, but originally it appears to have referred simply to lines that did not move. This usage may have developed into ‘deadline’ being used around the time of the American Civil War as a term related to prisons, meaning a line that could not be crossed by prisoners.

Eventually, the term got used by journalists. The reason for this is the early printing process, which featured a guideline on the printing plate. Any text inside the line would be printed. Any text outside the line – the ‘deadline’ – would not be printed and would “die."

So remember when your boss tells you to create a document. Don’t miss the deadline! Documents submitted on time will be accepted and graded.

Your ultimate grade may depend on whether you complete your document and keep it “alive", or miss the deadline and let it “die".

Use XaitPorter and never miss a deadline again!

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Tore Medhaug

Tore Medhaug

Tore holds a Technical degree and has a variety of business courses from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously worked for different oil service companies and IT companies. Tore used to be Norway's biggest self-proclaimed golf talent, and also has a big passion for Ice hockey.

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