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Meet Xait at APMP UK Annual Conference 2022!

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Catarina Rocha



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Attending the Winners Make History​ APMP UK Annual Conference? Come along to our booth to meet the sales team represented by Amo Chauchan and Jacob Cooper, Business Development Managers for XaitProposal and XaitPorter. Our friendly and experienced team are looking forward to engaging in conversations about co-authoring, automation, and collaboration solutions for proposal professionals.

Get in contact with them on LinkedIn or by email to set up a meeting and learn more about Xait Products:

Jacob Cooper, Business Development Manager, XaitPorter: jacob.cooper@xait.com
Amo Chauhan, Business Development Manager, XaitProposal: amo.chauhan@xait.com

The APMP UK Annual Conference has become Europe’s premier event for bid and proposal professionals. The event offers unparalleled access to hundreds of bid and proposal management professionals. It’s a huge opportunity to make connections, share knowledge and be inspired by presentations from some of the profession’s experts. Whether you are a newbie to the bid and proposal industry, an old salt, consultant, part of a small or large team - there is something for everyone.

We’re looking forward to meeting you there!

DATE: 11-12 October 2022
WHERE: London, United Kingdom
EVENT: APMP UK Annual Conference 2022, Winners Make History​: Platinum Medal Bidding

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Catarina Rocha

Catarina is a Content Marketing & Event Specialist at Xait. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Design and a Master´s in Marketing and Advertising. She is an energetic problem-solver, and a communicative and results-oriented professional, with experience in the entertainment, hospitality and social enterprise industries. Born and raised in Madeira Island, Catarina grew up surrounded by the ocean and the mountains. She left Portugal to broaden her horizons, and since then she has lived and worked in the Channel Islands, Scotland, and Norway. When not working, you can find her swimming in the beautiful fjords, exploring Norway or having a good time with her friends.

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