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Integrate, adapt, overcome

The “2019 Connectivity Benchmark Report”, conducted by renowned market research company Vanson Bourne and commissioned by MuleSoft, identifies some of the top challenges faces by IT organizations. For us at Xait, one challenge stands out: A lacking focus on the importance of business-wide adaptation.

Digitalization is key for present and future productivity, sustainability and progress, but with any market trend come pitfalls. The Mulesoft report states that 97% of the 650 IT leaders surveyed marks “increased efficiency” as the main goal of their digitalization efforts. That sounds plausible, but if your company opts for solutions that can’t be adopted by your entire organization, the result may not reflect your digitalization end goals. As it stands today, too much emphasis is put on general digitalization efforts, and not enough emphasis is put on practical use and roadmaps for success. Digitalization is not a “build it and it will come” undertaking; it needs commitment and low bars for integration.

The desired effect of digitalization
Photo by: Carl Heyerdahl

Shortly put: A software, automation tool or system solution can only be as good as the implementation allows. If digitalization efforts can’t be embraced and used across lines of business within a company, resources are effectively wasted and KPIs will suffer.

To improve business, efforts must be shifted from solely focusing on solutions to increased focus on versatility and implementation.

On average, the companies surveyed by Vanson Bourne use 900 different applications across their organization. Of those 900, only 29% connect or integrate with other solutions. That is not only bound to obstruct efficiency, but also contribute to employee pushback against new digitalization initiatives (a prime topic for a later post).

Over the course of close to 18 years, Xait’s flagship product XaitPorter has grown to become one of the world’s premier solutions for document co-authoring and automation. It’s utilized on a daily basis by tens of thousands of users, and the feedback we get proves that it does exactly what it is designed for; increase document creation process efficiency and raise the quality of end results.

As a software and solution provider, we champion the use of open APIs and cross-system integration opportunities. We offer that not only because we know that our product can perfectly complement others, but also because other systems can add to ours. It’s all part of our mission to improve overall business practices.

Trend- and market wise we are right where we should be; offering a tangible and better digitalization tool for hands on people. It is objectively a good solution. Some benefits of XaitPorter can be found in other solutions on the market, sure, but our combined offer of killer key features, unparalleled usage versatility and an open API significantly lowers the bar for utilization across business lines.

That makes it unique, and right on point for a targeted digitalization process.

To find out more about how XaitPorter can be used across your entire organization, or even improve systems you’re already using, please visit or contact us directly. We’d love to hear more about your goals and ambitions.

Magnus Vågen Birkenes, Xait

Magnus Birkenes
Business Development Manager , Xait

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