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XaitCPQ: New Features to Accelerate Sales Performance

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John Ingve Eielsen



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Here at Xait our goal is to help our customers accelerate their sales. Our suite of products enable customers to create their quotes or proposals with higher quality, more efficiently, and with a higher win rate!

Today, I want to talk about an important part of our portfolio; XaitCPQ. We have seen XaitCPQ grow dramatically the past year, and we are now on the cusp on a new Xaiting release. In this blog post I will expand on what this release means for our customers.

New Features
XaitCPQ is all about helping customers become easier to buy from, and to do that we are making XaitCPQ easier to configure and use. 

First I want to talk about front-end changes we have made and packaged into what we call "Guided Selling". Guided selling is all about XaitCPQ making it easier for sales teams, channel partners and indeed end user customers to generate quotes in an intelligent and structured way where the next steps are automatically applied, meaning that all steps are correctly, quickly and easily applied every time. Context aware buttons will make sure you jump to the correct portion of your quote or project. Additionally a progress bar and new checkmarks provides a visual overview of how along the process a quote is. These UI/UX changes further enhance our last release and continues our efforts to ease the way quotes are built.

Furthermore we now have a sharing module to allow sales team to share a quote with their prospects, subject matter experts and suppliers to review and edit. In this module we have also introduced an e-signature feature, meaning sales teams and channel partners can create quotes, share them with their respective customers and get the quote signed all within XaitCPQ.

Xait is delighted, through a partnership with Dynamaker, to have introduced a 3D visualization feature. This means users can instantly vizualize what is being configured or built and make the buying process more engaging. We are not just enhancing our UI/UX for the front end user, but we have worked to revamp the administration of the system too. Creating and maintaining advanced configurations often requires complex algorithms, and XaitCPQ's strength has been its ability to handle any rule or calculation - no matter how complex.

The power of algorithms is great; however, we know the writing of these is not suited to everyone. Therefore we are delighted to announce a major introduction that removes the need to 'know code' to unlock the power and flexibility of our rules engine to non developers. XaitCPQ now employs the use of Blockly. Blockly is a Google created tool which allows administrators to build rules and calculations in a vizual way - dragging and dropping elements onto a page for a visual representation of the algorithm which is auto-generated in the background. This means, for someone creating and maintaining rules within XaitCPQ we remove the need to know code, instead freeing administrators to focus on the behaviours they need from the system rather than the syntax of algorithms.

Easier to buy from
In summary, the new XaitCPQ release is about making XaitCPQ easier to use and maintain. Selling inter-related and dependant products and services is complex. Our job to make it is as easy as possible for users to do their jobs and accelerate their sales performance. To help our customers achieve this our passion is to help them become easier to buy from.

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John Ingve Eielsen

John Ingve comes with 15 years of experience in developing software for the Oil & Gas and energy industry, where he has held roles from software developer to architect and manager. John Ingve is technology enthusiast, and is a believer in continuously improving to meet the demands of the future. He enjoys spending time with his family (including his two dogs), reading history books and hiking in the great outdoors.

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