Win more deals with smarter quoting

XaitCPQ enables your organization to automate and optimize your quote-to-contract processes to help secure more orders faster.



Quickly and accurately price combinations of interdependent products and services.


XaitCPQ makes it quick and easy for your organization to correctly build and price complex combinations of products and services at scale.


Seeing is believing!

Schedule a live demo with one of our product specialists at your convenience. We can learn about your requirements, answer questions, and advice on how your organization can become easier to buy from with XaitCPQ.


Administrator Benefits

Be self-sufficient - fast

No calculation and no rule is too complex to be accommodated. Tailor the software easily to your business – not your business to the software. You write the business rules, the software provides the outcome. Quickly be independent of external expertise and resource.


Adapt easily for the future

When business rules change, have confidence that your quoting system can adapt. When new price lists or discount structures, new products or ranges are introduced – quickly adapt to them. Even if the whole basis of your costing and pricing alters, be assured that you can cope.

CPQ_Document assembly

Integrate with your existing systems

Integrate your quoting system with your website to get the benefit of collaboration. Enjoy the benefits of a quotation system that is fully integrated with eCommerce and CRM. Pass orders directly into ERP when quotes turn to orders – for error-free processing of configured products.


Cope with the unexpected

Know that your quoting system is scalable, and flexible. Know therefore that it is future proofed, and able to cope with new situations as they arise – be it new products, or the addition of whole new businesses. Know that you have the future covered.

CPQ_Information management

A delightful tool to use

Our administration tool is simple to use. It allows complex rules to be captured. It makes good screen design easy - to achieve the right balance between user acceptance and administrative overhead. We invest in this area - to bring continuous improvement.

CPQ_Humn resources

Support - when you need it

Our aim is for administrators to be as self-sufficient as as they choose to be. However, when demand exceeds supply or help is required with a particular problem or situation, out CPQ experts are available as and when you need them.

CPQ_Health care

End User Benefits

Increased Quoting Capacity

Faster quoting means that more quotes can be produced. Employing a rules-based structure enables more people to create accurate quotes – no matter how complex. Reliance on key personnel is removed, and quote revisions can be delivered to clients fast.

CPQ_One document-03

Great looking quotes

Proposals have a consistent professional appearance. No ‘copy and paste’ means that transcription errors are never introduced. Providing tailored images, graphics and CAD drawings can also ensure there is no ambiguity. Tailored technical information alongside clear Terms and Conditions ensures no disputes.

CPQ_Auto formatting and numbering

Zero errors and omissions

Only saleable products and agreed feature combinations are quoted. No more incorrect or out of date prices are used. No more currency or price book errors are made. And with a guided buying approach, your sales teams are directed to maximize sales order value.


Sales teams operational 24/7

Travelling time need no longer be dead time. When quotes are prepared during a sales call, more deals are closed. And by converting a quote to an order without delay, initial client relationships are positively established. Access any time, in any place, on any device.

CPQ_Deadline control

Channel partners and communities collaborate

Enable your channel partners to accurately produce quotations. Communicate your promotions and deals accurately. Empower partners' sales teams, and make them part of your sales team. Ensure that the orders which they place for configured products are accurate and visible within your forecasts.


Fast and painless adoption

Our intuitive tools will speed adoption by your sales team. Our workshop training method means that learning is directly relevant to your business. Accurate output of configured products builds sales team confidence quickly; and faster adoption means your business will derive benefit at pace.

CPQ_Create documents up to 70% faster

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