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Win More Business With XaitCPQ and XaitPorter!

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Every business wants to grow. Xait works with clients every day, whose goal is exactly that. Whether they want to increase sales through existing or new customers, most of them have discovered the advantages of using a proposal software when they submit a proposal, bid or tender.

A common challenge when creating bids and proposals, or any time-sensitive document for that matter, is chasing content from key contributors spread across time zones. This is a problem that many organizations face in their day-to-day operations.

Many companies also have solutions where contributors need to check in and check out content, or they use email to distribute tasks and content. Not to mention challenges with formatting.

Is this a situation you're familiar with?

XaitPorter is our document co-authoring solution that automates and streamlines your document creation process. Feedback from our customers who use XaitPorter says that it increases efficiency by as much as 70%...

According to Shawn Le Maitre, Sales & Marketing Manager at our customer PTC:
“Once you do one tender, your second one will take half the time, and then your third one will probably take a quarter of the time.

XaitPorter has also become the standard tool to use for licensing round applications in Norway. Due to the complexity of writing these applications, XaitPorter quickly established itself as the standard license application solution for oil companies. When awards for the 24th Licensing Round were announced in May 2019, close to 100% of the operator licenses were awarded to XaitPorter clients.

Growth is what every business needs, and there are a few important factors we believe contribute to a high win rate:

1. Demonstrate the Value of Your Solution

A strong value proposition can be the difference between closing a sale – and losing it. Be sure to substantiate how you can help the client solve their issues and move towards their vision: 

  • Focus on the benefits of your solution, not the features. Features tell the evaluators what your solution does but not how it helps, which is a crucial distinction.
  • Give the key reasons why your company is the right company to deliver the solution. 
  • Differentiate yourself, for instance, by highlighting a unique methodology or providing a quick case study of your past work. Testimonials from satisfied clients speak volumes.

2. Deliver a Strong Business Case

The executive summary or business case is arguably the most crucial part of your proposal. Create a client-focused, compelling summary that gets the clients attention.

By collecting all the important elements of your response into one section, the executive summary allows the client to better understand why they should select you and what sets you apart from your competitors. As a rule of thumb, a strong executive summary mentions the client's name three times as often as your company's name.

Use the N-O-S-E structure to ensure every executive summary is persuasive and client-focused.

3. Quickly and Accurately Generate Quotes

The quality of your bid depends a lot on how accurate and thorough your numbers are. Creating good estimates fast is another key in winning a tender proposition.

Many companies rely on their sales team to quote fast and accurately using shared spreadsheets. The quotes may have a combination of physical products, digital products and service agreements and can be difficult and time-consuming.

Because all projects start with an estimate, effective processes must be put in place to ensure that the rates, structure, and assumptions used to calculate the estimate are valid and accurate. Our latest product, XaitCPQ, captures all of the complex product, pricing, and business rules in one central place for automating and streamlining actions in real time, allowing sales teams to have everything they need at their fingertips to close deals faster.

4. Bid On Jobs You Can Win

Make sure to spend your time bidding on jobs you're more likely to win. In addition, the first bid is usually the bid that gets most of the attention, and therefore the one that is most likely to stick in the client’s mind.

XaitCPQ handles the financial calculation for salespeople and others to make complex pricing more efficient. This will help companies to customize sales packages faster, and it makes the quote more accurate and speeds up the approval process. Automated estimation tools will also help you identify what is profitable enough for you to bid on.


XaitPorter Makes All the Difference

In working closely with our customers, we have seen how XaitPorter delivers tremendous value to them.

Just imagine being able to write more proposals with higher quality than ever before, from anywhere in the world, with the same number of people at considerably less time. Clients can easily reuse information, and on top of that, all documents look impeccable. With no effort whatsoever!

It’s no joke when we say that many of our clients’ application managers quickly get promoted after implementing XaitPorter in the organization.

“We got more done with fewer people in less time.”

Those are the words of Anders Skogseth-Braathen, Global Business Development Manager at our customer Cegal.

A Centralized Content Library

XaitPorter will boost your sales because it will encourage a new level of cloud-based collaboration that is simply not possible using file shares and email attachments.

You can create workflows that are automated and allows documents and sub-sections to be edited simultaneously by multiple contributors. Basically, everyone can work on the same document at the same time, no matter where they are, while management has complete control of the process. It also tracks who made changes before a proposal is approved, providing notifications as the proposal moves through the process.

Having a centralized content library not only makes the writing process a whole lot quicker, but also encourages superior content. XaitPorter employs a single source repository where all your content is managed. This ensures that teams are working with the latest approved content. Automatic formatting, layout and numbering also ensure that writers focus solely on content.

And rather than spending days compiling the final document, and hiring a third party to create the layout, project managers can now click ‘print’ the night before the deadline and get a finished, professional document that is consistent with branding guidelines. XaitPorter has virtually eliminated late-night work. 

By adding XaitCPQ to the mix, access to the latest pricing and configuration data will ease the sales process – thereby improving the quality of every quote and contract, ensuring the end goal of landing the deal.

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Nina Bauer

Nina Bauer is Customer Success Manager at Xait. She brings 20+ years of experience in business consulting, project management, sales and marketing, in addition to bid and presale. Bauer currently holds the Vice President position in the Norwegian Computer Society as well as in the Program Committee for Girl Geek Dinner Stavanger. Nina has a passion for networking. When she is not with clients or on networking events, she spends time with her family on their boat or travelling to new places around the globe.

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