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What are the benefits of using an enterprise-grade proposal solution?

What are the benefits of using an enterprise-grade proposal solution?

Lars Sanne
20. Nov 2020 | 4 min read

What are the benefits of using an enterprise-grade proposal solution?

When starting the search for a new tool in order to improve and streamline your proposal process, there are a lot of things to consider. It is important to be aware of your pains and weaknesses and find a tool that addresses your top concerns and at the same time meets the requirements of your organization when it comes to security and support uptime. Besides, the vendor must be willing to work with you in order to meet those requirements.

You’re a small business, and as such, you need technology to keep your operations moving forward. Many organizations will refer to their services and products as “enterprise-level,” as if there’s a certain draw to them that wouldn’t ordinarily be there. Here’s what this term means, not just for larger businesses, but for your SME.

Enterprises are generally considered large corporations that manage hundreds or even thousands of employees. These organizations typically have huge budgets that allow them to be relatively flexible with their technology spending. Therefore, enterprises will usually seek out a top-shelf product that’s designed to be a comprehensive solution to problems that a business might face. And I will argue that organizations of any size should strive to do so as well.

Today, I will try to highlight some of the major benefits of choosing an enterprise-grade proposal solution.



Companies that offer an enterprise-grade proposal solution are used to working with many different types of businesses, people and problems. When in contact with your support team they are likely to have an understanding of your problems and will show you how to get the most out of your solution, as they have helped many people before you navigate similar challenges.

The support team will be experienced in how to implement the solution successfully. It will offer guidance and understanding during the rollout process in order to make you and your department a success and maximizing your ROI.



Large companies seeking top-shelf products do not only care about having a top-shelf proposal solution, but they also care a lot about security. Not many things can kill a large deal faster than a lack of security.

By choosing an enterprise-level proposal solution, you can be sure to know that they have had to bend over backward in order to pass the rigid security audit of some of their largest clients. And they should also be able to document this.

Their experience gained from securing some of the most valuable data a company has means that they in most cases will be able to accommodate the security and hosting requirements of your company.



When looking for a proposal solution for your company, you should think about your proposal process. Has it changed or evolved over the years?

In most cases, the answer here will be ‘yes’.

Companies offering an enterprise-grade proposal solution understand that as technology and client needs change, so must the solution. They are constantly working on improving their solution to accommodate the needs of the future.

If you have ever had a look at a potential solution and thought to yourself; “That seems to be a bit overkill, or too fancy for me”, then keep in mind that the reason the solution has certain features and functions is that their users have requested it. And if your company is an early adopter of a solution or features and your competitors are not, then your company will have the upper hand, at least for a while.



When going for an enterprise-level proposal solution, it doesn't really matter if you are a small or a large company. It will support and perhaps even surpass your needs as an SME, and it will scale with you as you grow and expand your business.

Top-shelf products are still top-shelf products whether they are acquired by a small company or a multinational corporation.


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Lars Sanne

Lars Sanne

Lars holds a degree In Marketing from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously worked for energy and insurance companies as well as IT companies. Lars enjoys having a busy schedule and loves helping companies change the way they work. When not at work he is an avid outdoorsman and loves skiing and hikes in nature.

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