Reduce cost and increase document quality with a good proposal solution

Reduce cost and increase document quality with a good proposal solution

Tore Medhaug
19. Dec 2019 | 3 min read

Reduce cost and increase document quality with a good proposal solution

The year is soon coming to an end. Maybe you reached your budget in June already? Or perhaps this year was tougher than normal?

Think about all the bids and proposals you have responded to and did not win. Our cloud-based co-authoring and automation software solution​ XaitPorter can be the X factor for winning bids and proposals. 

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Don’t lose out on business opportunities

One of the key elements in sale is to have a clear strategy and know your clients. I’m not telling you who your clients are and how to win their proposal, because you know your clients and the market best (and, most of all, better than I do.) 

One thing that certainly can help you in your strategy is to invest in XaitPorter. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch, and XaitPorter is not free, but the potential outcome of investing in XaitPorter is huge.

Having a solution where everyone can work in the same document at the same time, can save you valuable time and money. Yes, you can do almost the same with Google Docs or SharePoint, but a file-driven solution is not meant for co-authoring, and in most cases this will lead you to misunderstanding your colleagues – and you will lose out on business opportunities.


Win more bids and proposals with XaitPorter

You should plan your proposal the same way as you plan your strategy. I recommend you start building up your document section by section and then assign people to the different sections. It’s easy to do so in XaitPorter. Your contributors will then be notified, and during the workflow they will keep getting reminded of the deadline you have set up.Hopefully, you put the deadline some time before your client’s deadline! 

When compiling and completing your document you may have experienced it could be a mess. XaitPorter automatically takes care of formatting, numbering and layout in accordance with your corporate guidelines.


Lower your blood pressure and get promoted

I wish you and your business all the best for next year, and I will end my last blog for this year with two fun facts about XaitPorter.

In a meeting room with 7 employees 6 were keen on starting to work with XaitPorter. The last one did not see the value of XaitPorter and didn’t want the company to invest in this proposal solution. 

One year later, 6 of them got promoted, and one of them did not. Guess who?

One proposal manager has a good name for XaitPorter. He calls it the HSEQ solution! The reason is he used to struggle to compile all the documents into one. When they were sending the document to their client, he was never 100% sure about the content. 

After using XaitPorter he could tell the rest of the management and the board of directors that they now could reply to 30% more proposals.This doesn’t mean they will increase business with 30%, but they will definitely increase their chances of winning by 30%.Now he tells us that his blood pressure is back to normal and stabilized. And yes, he got promoted, as well. 


With this I would like to end the year wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And remember: 

Coffee’s for closers only! 


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Tore Medhaug

Tore Medhaug

Tore holds a Technical degree and has a variety of business courses from BI Norwegian Business School. He has previously worked for different oil service companies and IT companies. Tore used to be Norway's biggest self-proclaimed golf talent, and also has a big passion for Ice hockey.

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