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It’s beginning to look a lot like… collaboration time!

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December 16! Here in Stavanger city, the much-anticipated 'Christmas Joy’ season is in full swing. Bustling Christmas markets, joyous people everywhere, carols and gingerbread smell in the air. As it happens, we even have a town made from gingerbread!

None of these activities would have been possible without collaboration. This is why in today’s post, we’ll look at how XaitPorter enables you to collaborate with your team on complex projects for business-critical documents.


Overcoming the pains of team collaboration

When you are part of a large project team working on a complex proposal or any other business-critical document, do you find yourself inundated with emails, voicemails, text messages and chats?

Who doesn’t, right?

That email you received this morning quickly becomes obsolete when you receive a new chat in WhatsApp or Slack. Then your supervisor leaves an urgent voicemail, which is entirely different from the email or message you got earlier.

Collaborating on complex projects can be hard enough. The last thing you need is fragmented workflows and unorganized processes that drive team members crazy. Sadly, delays, duplicate work and conflicting information are all too common.

Other typical issues include:

  • Unstructured communication, such as long email chains which are difficult to follow and action (and don’t get us started with messages sent as ‘reply all’!)
  • Managing security rights and access when working with confidential company or customer information
  • Lack of document or system access for external stakeholders – such as contractors, suppliers, vendors and other third parties
  • Mistakes in routing information, or assigning tasks to the wrong contributor
  • Lack of context for edits and comments
  • Travel or out of office delays – or simply forgetting to send a comment or note during the course of a busy day

These challenges are driving large enterprise organizations to reevaluate the processes and tools they use to co-author their most important documents.

To win more business, they realize that they need a different strategic approach to co-authoring – an approach that provides multiple contributors and stakeholders a platform to not only collaborate together, but also co-author and manage complex documents in a way that ensures a high level of process quality, security and efficiency.

Such a platform exists. It’s called XaitPorter, and it has taken the pain out of business document creation since it was first launched 17 years ago.

Let’s look at seven ways XaitPorter enables true collaboration, eliminating the typical inefficiences and pitfalls of the proposal process.


7 ways to collaborate within XaitPorter:

  1. Project and Task Overviews provide real-time visibility into every project and task a contributor is assigned to
  2. Role-defined collaboration enables contributors to collaborate based on user role or group membership for a specific section
  3. Email notifications outside of XaitPorter for users on the go or who are unable to log into the platform
  4. Interactive comments so contributors are able to read real-time feedback and respond quickly
  5. Access-based collaboration to enable authorized users to read or edit restricted or confidential information
  6. Transparent rules and processes for collaboration (e.g. time-based, workflow -based)
  7. Dynamic work groups and structured, secure processes for collaboration with external stakeholders – vendors, suppliers, customers and other third-party contributors


Document collaboration? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Everyone wants stress free holidays, with fun and laughter and no last-minute scrambling around to-do tasks. Between putting up decorations and doing all the shopping, however, getting all set for Christmas can be hectic and stressful. It requires family members to come together as a team and collaborate.

Streamlined collaboration is essential when creating a business proposal, and more so if there is more than one team involved.

A professional proposal solution makes document collaboration a breeze. It reduces the time you spend on creating a proposal, without compromising quality – which is what helps you win more business.



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Xait is redefining document collaboration. We believe that document collaboration should be about improving both quality and productivity. And this is exactly what we help our customers do with XaitPorter. By removing interruptions in the document creation process, we provide our customers with focus.

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