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How to Win the Fight for Partner Attention

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Paul Towne



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As a manufacturer, you hopefully will have the right partners in the right places; however, the real challenge is making your products and services their preferred options and growing your market share. Getting the attention of partners is important because they connect your business to new customers, expedite response times, enhance a company's reach, and even create value-added packages that complement a company's product offering or scope.

Increase your potential to make a sale

One way to win the attention, trust and mind time of your partners is by making your product and services easy to buy. An effective online portal is often the critical element to achieve this. And the most important factor is removing any potential delays or complications to their buying process. For example, enabling partners to quickly, easily, and correctly price complex products and services without the need to contact your organization can be a game changer. Partners benefit because their lives are made easier, and manufacturers benefit because it frees specialist resources and importantly the entire downstream opportunity pipeline is visible much sooner and in greater detail to inform decision making.

Online Portals are Powerful

An online portal, like those created by XaitCPQ, is a powerful differentiator. Advances in web technology, data gathering, and analytics make it possible to deliver an online portal where users can see exactly what configurations of products and services are available while becoming exposed to the very best features and benefits. Tools like a dynamic ROI calculator and 3D visualization help your customers and partners (and their customers as well) more easily evaluate their return on investment. It’s easy to construct different configuration scenarios by simply changing the specifications and terms in real-time. You can’t do that with a PDF document or pricelist - and contacting the organization each time is not practical.

Building Brand Awareness

Branding for your portal can carry the manufacturer's brand or be white labeled with your partners branding and messaging. This provides added value for those who are looking to sell additional products to their customers under their brand - which can also be added to the portal. And best of all, it makes you both easy to buy from. You can create a frictionless approval process with embedded ROI calculators, 3D visualization, and electronic signatures.

Partner organizations today have many opportunities to buy similar products and services from similar manufacturers. An online portal puts your best foot forward, helps remove friction from the process, and works to boost the perception that your partners will make more money with you versus your competition.

XaitCPQ makes it easy to present multiple products, services, and pricing models at once and present them online. With just a few clicks your partners can configure various scenarios, calculate the ROI, and engage in marketing and sales support in real-time. The result is you’ll get the attention of key partners and build a more robust and agile sales relationship that will boost revenue growth and profitability for both you and the partner.

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Paul Towne

Paul, has been entrusted with helping to grow the North American market for XaitCPQ. He has more than 15 years of successful experience as an entrepreneur and senior sales leader in technology and financial services. He enjoys almost any outdoor activity as well as extolling the virtues of vinyl compared to digital music with anyone who will listen. Paul is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and lives in Boston with his wife and two kids whom they love dearly even though they regularly demolish their house, eat all of their food, and never let them sleep.

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