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Our experience working with our clients has helped us build the industry’s leading pricing and sales automation software.

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Adam D
Salesforce.com System Administrator
"CPQ made easy with fantastic support"

Dedicated experts who truly understand your business and how to enhance their offering alongside the development of our CRM...

Executive sponsor
Computer Hardware
"A true configurator"

The ability to configure hardware, services and services on the same screen and apply rules that affect each other. And prevent errors appearing on the quotes...

Internal Consultant
"Great customisable platform"

Great people to work with. They go out of their way to understand the problem that brought you to XaitCPQ in the first place. The solution is flexible and adaptable to our longer-term strategy goals...

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Our reviews from capterra

Stephen A.
Design & Technology Manager, Construction
“Very flexible and easy to use software”

You can set it up to deal with even the most complicated products. I have not found anything I cannot get it to price. Getting the website images to change with the different parameters is also a lot easier than other programs...

Henrik M.
Technology Professional
“It has been only positive in all these years I have worked with XaitCPQ”

We have used XaitCPQ software for more then 20 years. Without the XaitCPQ software it would take us much longer to create quotes and drawings. It is absolutely brilliant and the service is great. To much as soon as you start working with it you will find out how easy it is the work with. The system offers a flexibility to amend things without having to be an IT wizard...

Alexis K
Website Designer
“Faster quotes and easy to use”

From first sign up, the XaitCPQ team have been helpful and guided us through each step. Support is quick when needed and implementation was super easy. Eliminated errors from our quoting process, Support was quick and extremely helpful. Guides through how to produce a quote. Pricing summary is quick and efficient. Tools tips can be added which makes the process easier...




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