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VINCI Energies

XaitProposal helped Vinci Energies deliver clearer proposals and bringing more business.

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VINCI Energies creates tailor-made, complex technical solutions and services for energy, transport, and communication infrastruction as well as construction, manufacturing and IT systems. VINCI Energies Oil & Gas is international, with 26 business units across 15 countries and around 2,000 employees.

How do you organize work at VINCI Energies, and how did it work in the past?


Jean-Gil Contreras, Development Director at VINCI Energies Oil & Gas: What’s particular about us is that we create proposals under three different VINCI Energies brands or other brands by trade.

Before XaitProposal, each office made its own sales and technical proposals and had its own technical libraries, using MS Word. For major bids, we outsourced the page layout and that would have to be done overnight to be ready and completed the next day.

What were the limits of this working method?


Jean-Gil Contreras: We realized we weren’t very effective with our proposals. Our customers wanted to know a lot about the business, CSR or innovation, for example, which are international and not always directly related to our trades. We didn’t have a common, streamlined base to draw from that was approved by the communications department.

As for the page layout, we had to have a layout structured for the different graphics charters of the Actemium, Omexom, and Axians brands with the VINCI Energies Oil & Gas identity.

When VINCI Energies decided to implement XaitProposal, what were the objectives?


Jean-Gil Contreras: Improving the application of the graphic charters for the different brands, saving time on the writing and layout of a proposal, a more professional-looking result, a shared library for documents… in short, a tool that would make it easier to draft proposals with the right content and the right look.

“It’s been a huge leap forward for our proposal writing, and there’s much less stress around the layout. We even have one customer who told us they’d never seen such a clear proposal.”
— Jean-Gil CONTRERAS, Development Director, VINCI Energies Oil & Gas

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitProposal helped VINCI ENERGIES overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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