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Learn how Samsic Group, a Business Consulting and Services company, uses XaitProposal, a proposal software tool, to digitally transform their Sales Teams processes.

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Samsic Group is a family-owned company from France that provides services for companies in Europe. Originally a cleaning company, Samsic Group offers a range of services for living and working environments as well as human resources.

Today, 90,000 employees work with 30,000 customers in 25 countries in Europe and beyond.

Elena Moisey, Project Management Officer at Samsic Group, describes their sales proposal practices:

“Today, 30 proposal templates are available for our 300 users in seven countries, in five languages. Each proposal template, contract, and amendment is dedicated to one of our fields of expertise. We also have an innovative storytelling proposal.”

Business Challenge

Like many companies that produce a large number of proposals, Samsic used traditional publishing tools templates with suggested argumentation and a few personalization slots such as figures and technical details.

This same template was duplicated endlessly (no matter who the customer/industry was). Over time, the original template lost data quality, the proposal was inaccurate and inconsistent.

Results were unsatisfactory: time-consuming process, difficult obsolescence management, complex and disappointing layout, no collaborative work on the same proposal.

To avoid being left behind by their competitors, Samsic Group needed to streamline their proposal process and get more proposals out the door each month. Specifically, they needed a proposal solution that would allow them to:

  • Structure and professionalize the sales proposal production process
  • Manage content update and data back-up
  • Reduce time to create proposals while increasing quality 

In 2012, Samsic launched an RFP to meet their three objectives. There was a wide gap between the three competing providers, says Moisey:

“Xait, with its XaitProposal solution, was the most successful offer both in terms of process, software functionalities, and results. We especially appreciated the management of content modularity through the questionnaire and the quality of the graphics layout of the final document.”

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitProposal helped Samsic overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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