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Ability uses XaitPorter to create more and better-quality proposals, resulting in more projects won, more jobs created, and more revenue generated.

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Who is Ability?

Ability is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of Facility Management and property management services, cleaning, canteen operations, hotel cleaning, and landscaping services.

Ability has 1,300 employees from over 75 different countries. Ability’s head office is located in Bergen, with regional offices in Oslo, Stavanger, and Trondheim.

Ability covers the entire country, from Lindesnes to Hammerfest. They also have a network of other partners around the country. More than 800 clients use their services.




The challenges

Spending too much time on each proposal and quality assurance, not enough proposals submitted, and a high margin of error

Before using XaitPorter, Ability faced several challenges when producing proposals. Anne Gro Haga, National Sales and Bid Manager at Ability, elaborates:

“We spent a lot more time on each proposal, which meant we couldn't respond to as many RFPs. We also had to spend more time on quality assurance of the bids than we do now before we submit them.”

Before XaitPorter, Ability created all of their proposals using Word. It took them a long time to produce each proposal, as well as to ensure quality.

“To ensure everything was covered, structured correctly, etc., we relied on coworkers to review the proposals.”

As Haga points out, the tool they used in the past did not handle the quality assurance aspect well:

“A proposal isn't written from scratch every time. There's a lot of content you reuse. When you do it in a solution that's not made for large, complex documents, you risk making mistakes."

As an example, she says:

“Say you're reusing content from previous bids. The content must be tailored to fit your current client's needs. Otherwise, you risk making them feel that your proposal is generic and irrelevant to them.”

Ultimately, Ability realized there was too much margin of error. They began searching for a solution that would meet their requirements.

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped Haga and her team overcome these challenges.

Read the full customer story below to discover how XaitPorter helped Ability overcome these challenges.

Read full customer story
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