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XaitCPQ enabled Fabtek to accurately and quickly create a quote. Reducing the overall time by 50%.

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Who is Fabtek?

Fabtek designs and manufactures top-of-the-line products for the collection and return of steam condensate to boiler systems. Each product is built to withstand the harsh environments found within commercial and industrial boiler rooms. As a result, Fabtek is recognized internationally as a manufacturer of reliable condensate units, boiler feed systems, pumps, stainless steel tanks and accessories.

The challenge: automation & speed

Fabtek wanted to automate and speed up the production of quotations - each of which are unique, containing many permutations, options and calculations. Quote production depended on a few key people and was taking too long to get to potential customers.

XaitCPQ  was asked to provide a solution that would:

  • Reduce the time to prepare quotations
  • Enable more people to create quotations.
  • Automate the creation of professional and accurate quotations.
  • Same service quality no matter how busy Fabtek gets
  • Improve the customer experience and their propensity to buy.
  • 100% accuracy no matter how complex the product specification
XaitCPQ has reduced our time to quote by up to 50%, this significant improvement has enabled us to spend more time improving the customer experience and increasing customer satisfaction”

The solution: The collaboration platform XaitCPQ helps to secure more orders

The owner of Fabtek believes that one important key to success is to be easy to buy from. Management had identified that even with the use of complex spreadsheets the chance for technical and commercial error was still a possibility, especially as the company has continued to grow. A typical condensate unit has between eight and fifteen different options that are interdependent. Consequently, all quotes were being produced by one or two key individuals. A more robust, modern system was required that could form the platform to reduce dependency upon key personnel and scale its operation.
Replacing Microsoft Excel with XaitCPQ enabled pretty much any employee to accurately and quickly create a quote. The organization now has within the CPQ system a series of related drop-down lists that ensure incompatible options can’t be chosen. Technical experts were freed to work on other value-added activities. Importantly, customers and prospects receive detailed and accurate quotes in record time - no matter how busy Fabtek gets. 

Automate and Scale

Before XaitCPQ was implemented, quotes needed to be reviewed by a technical expert to ensure that all required information was considered prior to system selection and configuration. With XaitCPQ all of the required information for proper system selection is gathered through the use of the drop-down lists resulting in a product model number and pricing specific to the customer site requirements. Fabtek is adding more product ranges to the XaitCPQ system so that all their products can be quoted through the system.
Once complete, the organization will then make the system available online for its channel partners to prepare and price their own work. The system calculates and stores agreed prices and discounts for each partner.  

Change and Disrupt

“Previously, representatives had to contact the company to quote almost every job. Using XaitCPQ has significantly eased the workload within Fabtek and improved speed of delivery of compelling quotes to buyers - which should result in increased sales”. 
Mike Chesnutt, President, Fabtek 


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