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Using its Seamless integration with Salesforce.com, XaitCPQ enabled Eurotherm's sales engineers to quickly produce quotations without needing technical experts.

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Who is Eurotherm?


Eurotherm, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric, is a global leading manufacturer of industrial control and measurement instruments. It provides machine automation products, applications, systems and services for customers in specialist industries worldwide.

The challenge: Automation & speed

Eurotherm needed to reduce pricing errors, provide a quick and easy way to access information, and generate faster quotes and proposals.

XaitCPQ  was asked to provide a solution that would:

  • Make complex pricing rules easy for a large range of products
  • Reduce the time taken to prepare and price accurate quotations
  • Seamlessly interface with existing eCommerce, CRM and ERP applications
  • Provide a scalable platform for continued enhancement and digital transformation
  • Provide a quick, easy way for users to access prices without needing to refer to a technical expert
  • Enable partners to generate their own branded quotations in any language 24/7

XaitCPQ integrates seamlessly with our business applications. It makes all our systems very easy to administer by providing one intuitive interface.”

- Kim Piears, product engineering

The solution: The collaboration platform XaitCPQ helps to secure more orders


Working with XaitCPQ enabled Eurotherm's sales engineers to quickly produce quotations without needing to refer to technical experts. It automatically generates the correct part numbers based on the required product configuration to improve the efficiency of the whole quotation process.

The product configurator unlocked valuable information held within the experience of Eurotherm’s quoting staff and embedded that knowledge into the XaitCPQ system - making it accessible to all users in a format they recognise and understand.

XaitCPQ seamlessly integrated with Eurotherm’s existing CRM (Salesforce.com) and ERP applications. This reduced the time taken to prepare accurate quotations by more than 50%. It also virtually eliminated all data entry errors for configured products to the ERP system.

Automate and Scale

 Having successfully achieved the initial aim of ensuring that its sales teams quote accurately and quickly, Eurotherm has extended this capability to its channel partners. XaitCPQ is now the backbone of “miEurotherm”, the organization’s partner portal, which provides instant access to real-time pricing.

The portal allows partners to generate their own branded quotations 24/7 in any language. Importantly, this has been achieved without having to acquire additional CRM licenses - thereby delivering significant cost savings.

XaitCPQ enables partners to view and download PDF price books at any time. These can be fully branded with partner’s logos and always include the latest product and pricing data which can be shared with customers when required.

Eurotherm makes extensive use of XaitCPQ to enhance the partner management process. Account managers can now view data relating to the partner network with a dashboard showing quotations and orders as well as access a comprehensive range of reports. It provides greater oversight for Eurotherm's entire global partner ecosystem.

Change and Disrupt

Introducing XaitCPQ as the backbone partner channel platform provides Eurotherm with a solid foundation to extend its digital transformation project. For example, eCommerce functionality has been further extended with a custom Order Tracking option. This self-service solution will continue to provide both customers and partners with the ability to view the status of orders and download invoices and associated documentation around the clock.

Eurotherm’s digitization plans are being continuously fulfilled through XaitCPQ as the organization seeks to provide partners and end-users with the necessary online tools to be self-sufficient.

“XaitCPQ has enabled us to reduce the time taken to prepare accurate quotations by more than 50%, and virtually eliminate errors on entry of configured products to our ERP system.”. 
- Paul Tilbury, senior project manager 



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Read full customer story
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