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English Heritage Buildings

English Heritage Buildings wanted to automate and speed up the production of quotations. Read how they used XaitCPQ to generate quotations with more speed and ease.

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Who is English Heritage Buildings?

English Heritage Buildings provides custom oak frame buildings for residential and commercial projects. They are designed and manufactured to individual 
customer specifications.

The challenge: automation & speed

English Heritage Buildings wanted to automate and speed up the production of quotations - each of which are unique, containing many thousands of potential permutations, options and calculations. A quotation could take weeks to produce and the chance for errors was high.

XaitCPQ  was asked to provide a solution that would:

  • Reduce the time to prepare quotations from 2 weeks to 24 hours
  • Enable more people to create quotations
  • Automate the creation of professional and accurate quotations
  • Speed up the production of CAD drawings for each project
  • Improve the customer experience and their propensity to buy
  • Extend the benefits of XaitCPQ functionality to channel partners

Quoting most items in XaitCPQ is completely automatic. For the users all they have to do is choose from a list of drop-down options, and XaitCPQ calculates everything for them. It’s instantaneous"

- John Baxter, operations manager at English Heritage Buildings

The solution: The collaboration platform XaitCPQ helps to secure more orders

XaitCPQ quickly captured the many rules and calculations into a single system and made the data available to the company’s surveyors. The system is intuitive to use ensuring that complex, unique building solutions are easily and accurately created with minimal training.

XaitCPQ enabled English Heritage Buildings staff to automatically produce compelling, professional proposals at the click of a button. The fast receipt of proposals continues to enhance customer perception of the whole organization.

The solution also boosted productivity and efficiency by enabling customers to create their own quotations online. Should customers wish to change building specifications, XaitCPQ provides them with revised quotations in minutes.

Automate and Scale

XaitCPQ is delivering great results by enabling English Heritage Buildings to win more business. As a result, access to the system has been extended to channel partners, enabling them to also benefit from the enhanced customer experience and increased sales.

The system is helping to remove a constraint to the buying process by automating the production of uniquely customized drawings for each project. These are now produced in seconds instead of hours - something that is particularly important when customer specifications change.

XaitCPQ integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive, the CRM application used by English Heritage Buildings. It synchronizes data relating to active quotations, enabling the sales team to efficiently follow up these qualified enquiries..

Change and Disrupt

XaitCPQ is making it easier for customers to buy. The success of this solution is giving English Heritage Buildings the confidence to further invest in its eCommerce capability.

 It’s now better for our customers. It was taking weeks to get a quote and then weeks to get a revision on a quote. Now it’s next day.”
- John Baxter, operations manager at English Heritage Buildings

XaitCPQ continues to enhance customer engagement and speed up the sales process - by enabling customers to instantly visualize and price their custom projects.

English Heritage Buildings will continue rolling out a series of new products for eCommerce to further enhance the buyer experience and grow its business.




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