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All I want for Christmas... is one platform for all my document needs

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It’s the ninth day of Advent, Christmas is now drawing near. At Xait, we think it's the most wonderful time of the year!


For many companies, December is also a busy time of the year. The new year is mere weeks away, and with it, looming deadlines for proposals, bids, contracts, quarterly reports, you name it.

Time is of the essence, and content processes need to be streamlined. Too bad, then, that many companies tend to make it difficult for themselves – by using document creation solutions that aren’t meant for serious, enterprise-grade coauthoring.

They struggle with too many disparate systems when creating their documents. Proposals require one kind of software, contracts require another one, marketing collateral a third one, and so on.

Other collaboration tools are limited to bare-bones functionality. These have a ‘do it yourself’ approach and typically require add-on apps or software plug-ins. And you can forget about integration to CRM systems or other databases – it’s just too complex.

Wouldn’t you rather prefer a platform that simply allows you to create whichever type of document you need at any given time?


Templates to make your life easier

Our philosophy is to allow our customers to create document types or templates directly within XaitPorter, and automate as much of the production process as possible. Therefore, once you create a template for your first proposal, annual report or application, the template is immediately available for the next project.

An added benefit for IT and business: XaitPorter can produce documents for any department in your organization – commercial, executive, marketing, contracts, finance, services, HR.


The top 10 document types created by our customers

With thousands of users across the globe, it’s hard to keep track of exactly HOW many types of business-critical documents our customers are creating in their XaitPorter platform. Anyway, here’s our top 10 list:

  1. Sales Proposals
  2. Tender and Bid Responses
  3. Annual and Quarterly Reports
  4. Corporate Sustainability Reports
  5. Licensing Applications
  6. Geographical Studies
  7. Ship Design Specifications
  8. Contracts
  9. Regulatory Manuals and Documentation
  10. Product Manuals and Brochures

… and also Financial Reports, Marketing Reports, Research Trials and Reports, Sales Specifications, Clinical Research Papers, ISO Documentation, Ship Stability Books, FEED Agreements and ITTs, Fact Sheets, Research Grant Applications, IPO Offerings, Sales Reports, Stakeholder Reports, Whitepapers. The list goes on!

What type of document is in the works for your business? We bet you’ll find that the comprehensive XaitPorter platform covers it!




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Xait is redefining document collaboration. We believe that document collaboration should be about improving both quality and productivity. And this is exactly what we help our customers do with XaitPorter. By removing interruptions in the document creation process, we provide our customers with focus.

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