A Glance At An Xaiting Year

A Glance At An Xaiting Year

Trine Lise Gjelstad
23. Dec 2021 | 8 min read

A Glance At An Xaiting Year

As the year is soon done, we look back on some of the content and valuable resources that were shared this year:

Our most popular posts from this year

Throughout the year we invite different contributors, experts, Business Development Managers and Customers Success Managers, to write their thoughts on specific topics. Check out a few of them below:

What is ESG and Why Is It Important?

Together with Chris Moss, we discovered why ESG are so important, and why by combining environmental, social, and governance aspects with economic goals, businesses are able to create more value for themselves and their customers. Click here for the full article

Serial vs Parallel process

You hit Google with ‘Serial vs. Parallel Process’ and you find thousands of articles talking about the study of how our mind can run both in serial and in parallel. A serial process is sequential, one process after the other; a parallel process is simultaneous, with a lot happening at the very same time. Read the full article here

What Is The Difference Between Co-Authoring And Collaboration 

The difference between collaboration and co-authoring may seem trivial to some. You write a paragraph in Word, email the file to me, I write a paragraph in word, and voilà, we are collaborating and co-authoring. For the rest of the article, click here

What Is The Difference Between A Business Plan and a Business Proposal

In order to send an official business proposal, you have to have a business plan. Tore Medhaug distinctively explained the difference between the two, and gives us some tools to write a business proposal. To read it, click here

What is CPQ? 

A question that Kevin Gerathy is not afraid to answer: Modern CPQ software enables you to win more profitable deals faster, by easing the sales process and improving the quality of every quote and contract…Click here to read the whole article

Did you miss out on our podcasts?

"This is the show that explores the future of collaboration." We invite different contributors, experts, Business Development Managers, Customers Success Managers, to talk in length about their topic of expertise.

Factors for Successful Bids and Proposals:

Dr. Idara Umoh, CP APMP, Director at The Sidylle Group was our guest speaker, discussing the factors that feed successful bids and proposals. You can have a listen right here



The Convergence of ERP, CRM and CPQ:

Frank Sohn and Kevin Geraghty discuss the convergence of (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning, (CRM) Customer Relationship Management and (CPQ) Configure Price Quote on this podcasts. Listen here 



Watch it here

Our videos are a great way to learn about our solutions, hear customer stories or learn from industry experts.
Here are two of our most popular videos from this year:

Penlon's sales team is now more self-sufficient and gets more quotes out the door

A world-class British medical device company, established in Oxford in 1943. Penlon develops, manufactures, and exports anesthesia and other medical products.





 In this customer story you can learn how Penlon found a solution that would speed up the quoting process, eliminate errors and omissions, and ensure control and consistency in funnel management. Discover the full customer story here


"Documents Beyond Borders" - Xait + Privia Conference

In November we had our very first user conference together with Privia; "Documents Beyond Borders" where you could learn how to get your business to the win faster and smarter.

If you missed out, don’t worry you can watch it here.


#2 Speaker Announcements + Nudge - Copy


Most Popular Premium Content

We put all throughout the year, premium content at your disposal from different contributors, experts, Business Development Managers, Customers Success Managers checklists, lists of tips & tricks so you can their best practises with you. 

Ebook - Tips & Tricks for Proposal That Close The Deal

Proposals are critical to your company’s success. This guide will help you create persuasive proposals that set you apart from the competition and help you win more business. Click here to download it.

Ebook - Best Practise for Proposal Manager 

We have put together this five-tip guide that will help you streamline proposal teams, increase proposal quality, win more business, and grow great teams to superstars! Download it here for the full version.



Ebook - 7 Steps to Improve Your Next Proposal  

Getting your proposals right is key to landing more deals and earning more business. A high-quality proposal won’t guarantee a win, but a low-quality one can guarantee a loss. Learn how to optimize and streamline your proposal creation and management processes with this 7-step checklist.

Ebook - Sales Professional Guide to CPQ Software   

Technology and science are driving huge changes in the way sales teams engage with buyers. Those that fail to embrace these changes and adapt effectively may find that they are repeatedly losing out to their competitors. Click here to download your guide.



We want to send you the very best wishes for a wonderful new year. We appreciate all of you and hope that the coming year will bring you happiness and success. We look forward to meeting you, face to face, again in 2022!

Take the holiday time to reflect upon the good things you have, to make #Xaiting plans for 2022 and spending time with your closest family and friends. Dream and make your dreams come true in the coming year! From all of us in Xait; We wish you a joyful New Year!


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Trine Lise Gjelstad

Trine Lise Gjelstad

Trine Lise is the Digital Marketing Specialist of Xait. She is responsible for elevating Xait`s presence in all marketing surfaces. She has experience from a hybrid agency and a definitive passion for technology! Trine Lise is also a market manager for a popular food festival in Stavanger, and was nominated for a local culture award last year. Her goal is to always convey good stories and create engaging content. When not at work you will find her either front row at a concert or hiking in the mountains.

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