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Work Smarter, Not Harder - Part 3: Upsell and Buyer Data

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Frank Sohn



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Suggest Additional Value-Add Products and Services for Every Quote

These so-called Up and Cross capabilities are very important revenue generators for many companies, and they can help to increase customer satisfaction if they are done correctly. While every Sales Rep could obviously learn that Product A needs to be sold with Product B, it is getting harder the more products a company has.

Just imagine a company with 20,000 products, which is not unusual! It gets even harder if these products change frequently. Like for example, Product B is now obsolete; the successor product to Product B is Product B2, and so the rule should now say that when Product A is sold a Sales Rep should suggest Product B2 (instead of B). 

A CPQ solution can help to work smarter, not harder by automating these rules. This helps the Sales Rep to pay closer attention to the customer and to build a better, stronger relationship with them. 

Send A Quote and Learn From It

Many companies send quotes or proposals today via email and a PDF file. This is generally working fine, but it leaves out some important data points for the seller because it is not clear what information the customer looks at first, and when they look at the quote. This may be especially important at quarter-end. 

Is the buyer mostly interested in the availability of the requested products? Is the price the most interesting part of the quote? Are the payment terms the most important part?

In a PDF quote, a seller won't know until they hear back from the customer, or they call the customer. An advanced CPQ solution such as XaitCPQ can help to work smarter, not harder by providing online quote data and a data analytics capability or by providing an off-the-shelf capability to export this CPQ data to an external Data Analytics tool. 

This helps Sales Teams to learn more information earlier and to develop alternative approaches if the sale does not close in the expected timeframe.  

Note: Not every CPQ solution provides every capability mentioned in this series. Nevertheless, CPQ solutions can help most teams to work smarter, not harder, and the examples above are just a small sample of the improvement opportunities they provide.

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Frank Sohn

Originally from Germany, Frank started his CPQ experience with a SAP Project focused on Variant Configuration in Germany in 1996. He started his career as a developer in 1993 and then became an SAP Consultant in 1994. After spending a few years with small SAP consulting firms in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, he worked for multiple global high tech companies such as IBM GS, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Juniper and PWC prior to following his passion and founding his own CPQ focused consulting company. Throughout his career Frank was passionate about the customization and personalization the configuration, price, quote tools enable, and wants to help his clients to get the most value out of the CPQ processes and tools. Frank received a Bachelor of Business Information Technology degree in Germany in 1992. He is also a PMP (Project Management Professional since 2005) and a CSM (Certified SCRUM Master, since 2010).

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