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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Sales Enablement Platform?

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Kris Sæther



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When speaking about a sales enablement platform I think it's safe to say that most people think that means CRM. But a CRM system in of itself does not increase sales. Having a well-thought-out sales process and a structured approach from pitch to contract does, and a CRM system can help facilitate that, but it isn't a sales enablement platform. 

A sales enablement platform is a platform that provides sales organizations with content, tools, and information that help sales sell to buyers in a more effective way.

7 Features of a Sales Enablement Platform

  • Content Management
  • Sales Marketing Distribution
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Process Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Asset management
  • Search

Now that I've listed seven features of a sales enablement platform you may be thinking: Hang on, some of these are already addressed by our CRM system. If that is the case then good for you! That means that your organization has already mapped out the buying journey of your clients and tailored a path to success in your CRM system. Now you can focus on the detours you have to take when following your opportunities from pitch to contract – and have a serious look at what you can improve. How much work goes into making/finding good marketing materials? Into creating quotes, proposals, and recreating important content that you have used in the past?


Achieving Results Requires Organizational Change

The aim of a sales enablement platform is to increase sales productivity and consistency, If you are looking to improve your sales enablement you should focus on the time-consuming problem areas that aren't addressed by your CRM. If the solutions you have shortlisted to fix the problems your organization is struggling with, can be integrated into your CRM then that is an added bonus. 

I would also keep in mind before making any major decisions that the improvements that require the least amount of change for your staff and current processes, are probably the improvements that will give you the least amount of gains as an organization.

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Kris Sæther

Kris Sæther is Chief Commercial Officer of Xait. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Media Studies, and has worked in financial communication in London and Frankfurt prior to joining Xait. He has 20+ years experience from the information management industry. Kris is an avid runner and skier, and a passionate fan of the world’s coolest soccer team, Tottenham. If he is not working or running you will find him cheering for his two daughters on the handball court.

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