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What is XaitProposal, and how does it help you win more business?

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If your company creates bids and proposals with standard word processing software, your process probably looks something like this:

  • You set up a proposal or bid template and use it as a master file.
  • You duplicate and parse it into its components based on expert authors
  • You email or share files with experts.
  • They write and create different versions, copy and paste in content with different styles.
  • You receive multiple versions of the same file, copy and paste it all back together and reformat.

Not surprisingly, this approach comes with some challenges:

  • It's difficult to ensure that all employees are using the most recent template version.
  • There's a lot of copying and pasting, with all the mistakes, typos, and errors that come with it.
  • You're always struggling with layout, formatting and reformatting, making it difficult to keep the brand message and image consistent across proposals
  • Your proposal writers spend too much time on superficial elements rather than creating stronger proposals
  • Time is stolen from the production process to make up for lost time in the writing/reviewing process – so production becomes a last-minute scramble, risking deadline.

There’s a better way to write proposals – use a proposal writing tool that lets you focus more on content and personalization than on formatting and layout.

XaitProposal is the tool you need to take control over your proposal creation process.

What is XaitProposal?

XaitProposal is a user-friendly, intuitive tool that helps you write bids and proposals more easily and quickly. A wide range of features – smart questionnaire, editor, merge fields, knowledge base, PDF generator, collaboration mode – all work together to benefit your writers, freeing them from frustration and allowing them to do their best work.

What are the advantages of using XaitProposal?

1. It optimizes the time you spend creating proposals

By using XaitProposal, you can save time because:

  • You can easily select all the content that is perfectly tailored to the call for tenders and have an initial outline of your response. As a result, you free up valuable time (up to 60%) that you can spend personalizing your offer and communicating value.
  • Your pages are automatically formatted, so you don't have to waste time reformatting them.

By freeing up time, you can personalize your message to make it more impactful, or create more proposals.

2. You're guaranteed a professional-looking proposal

With XaitProposal, you'll have streamlined document layouts that automatically match your brand identity. Professional software such as Adobe InDesign is used to create the automated templates, which have far superior graphic capabilities than standard desktop publishing software.

XaitProposal's PDF publishing feature has the following advantages:

  • Compared to standard desktop software, the finished product is visually consistent and readable
  • The final document is lighter and more stable
  • No changes can be made to the final page layout, ensuring consistency and credibility
  • Every proposal is guaranteed to achieve the desired graphic result, and to be in line with the company's visual identity

3. You always get reliable, relevant content

XaitProposal centralizes all the information required to create a proposal:

  • Detailed outline (structure + general texts + illustrations chosen by default)
  • Blocks of text (optional modular content)
  • Images and PDF files for annexes
  • Layout models are applied automatically to the structure and the content
  • Information for each business unit (chapters or content blocks specific to the business unit)
  • The smart questionnaire, which serves as a proposal building assistant, allows you to access content easily and ensures that all specifications are met.

With a single click, you select all the relevant information for a given topic.

The information will be automatically inserted into the right sections of the document. It can include anything from a simple bulleted list to several pages of text.

The tool also centralizes content from past proposals:

  • As a user, you have your own proposal history.
  • Past proposals can be reused or duplicated (if they have been adapted to the new context), with the option to include revisions and updates that will be integrated automatically.

4.  Working as a team is easier

With XaitProposal, you can invite colleagues to draft, modify, or approve content by giving them direct access to the proposal being created (read-only, restricted visibility, etc.)

This module supports a collaborative proposal writing process by allowing you to:

  • See each writer’s contributions in real time.
  • Create a task that will send an email with instructions and a direct link to the part that needs to be written, modified, or validated.
  • Share comments with others working on the proposal.
  • Generate reminders for everyone involved in just one click, such as contribution deadlines.

5. You can take advantage of best practices

The XaitProposal word processor is a structured framework that lets you keep track of content as it is created, modified or deleted.

The users can create their own proposals based on the organization's collective intelligence. The knowledge is shared, organized and easily updated!

A complete proposal building toolkit

With XaitProposal, you can easily create high-quality, project-oriented bids and proposals by leveraging your existing content. The guided process enables you to produce documents more quickly, more efficiently, and with higher quality.

With just a few clicks, you can generate all the generic content you require, allowing you to focus on developing specific arguments that fit your customer's needs.

XaitProposal doesn't just speed up the proposal creation process; it improves the quality of your content too. The guided proposal creation process prevents you from dipping in the quality of your documents. You have complete confidence that the information being used is the latest, most accurate, and most relevant.

In other words, it's not about rushing proposals at super-fast speeds, but about delivering proposals faster, with better quality, on time, every time.

Simply put, you spend less time creating and more time strengthening your proposal. Without even giving it a thought, you get a result that matches your corporate branding.

XaitProposal is a complete proposal building toolkit that helps you increase your win rate.

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Amo Chauhan

Amo has a degree in Applied Chemistry, and 20 years sales experience working in media, adtech and data insight solutions. He enjoys spending time with his children, watching his son play cricket, and cooking with his daughter. He is passionate about powerlifting and most mornings you can find him in a gym lifting heavy weights.

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