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How XaitCPQ helps You Achieve your Revenue Goals

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Your product and services quotes don’t have to be the frustrating, time-consuming logistical projects that stretch your resources thin and your buyer’s patience threadbare. Your sales team can deliver accurate, quality quotes quickly, every time. Your executives can accurately forecast without the slow, painful data gathering. Your team can avoid the errors that put your business at risk. With the right quoting tools.

That’s where XaitCPQ comes in. XaitCPQ is Configure, Price Quote software that guides users to produce accurate, error-free quotes 50% faster, no matter how complex or large the project. XaitCPQ helps your sales and management team by:

  • Eliminating configuration and pricing errors. Instead of spending time reviewing and correcting configuration and pricing errors, your quote automatically includes the right product and services options for your buyer and your business. And calculates the accurate price based on the right price book. 
  • Eliminating delays that frustrate buyers. Instead of time-consuming hand-offs and review checks, your quotes sail through approval. And land in the hands of your buyers before the competition. 
  • Eliminating data gathering that frustrates forecasting. Instead of manually cobbling together pipeline and channel partner sales data, you have instant access to sales performance information. And the intel you need to unblock stalled opportunities and guide timely strategy pivots. 
  • Eliminating sales process silos. Instead of blocking data exchange between your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, CPQ seamlessly integrates data and collaboration for expediting custom orders and forecasting.

Process Complexity Streamlined

Your product and service quotes are complex. Buyer needs are complicated, compounded by emotion, and they are scrutinizing every investment. Today’s buyer demands are also more direct; accuracy and delivery speed equals trust. At the same time, you have a business to scale and grow and risk to carefully manage. 

How does XaitCPQ streamline your quoting process?

  • Providing smart configurations. The configuration doubt and guesswork are over, no matter how complex. Everyone on your team is guided by the same business rules. And select the ideal solution for every buyer, including relevant upsells and cross-sells that increase opportunity value. 
  • Providing smart pricing calculations. Also gone are the manual pricing errors and erroneous discounts that erode margins and trust. Everyone on your team accesses their relevant price books from the same central store, protecting your risk, margin, profitability and reputation. 
  • Eliminating operations checks. With correct configurations and pricing optimized, you eliminate time-consuming review checks and dependencies on key experts. And the manual workflow and version control issues that can quickly derail your process and inflate your cost per quote. 
  • Providing rapid hand-offs. With this level of accuracy, you also eliminate the constant email “back and forth” by automatically capturing the right information upfront. Now, as resources, time requirements, locations and timelines are scoped and added, they are in sync and on-point with compliance, regulatory and risk factors. 
  • Provide faster order processing. Instead of errors that delay payment, your quotes automatically become orders. Gone are the keystrokes that introduce errors and inflate your overhead costs. Gone are the delays that frustrate customers. 
  • Training new sales hires. Stop onboarding new hires and waiting, and waiting, for them to come up to speed and perform. Tools that guide new sales users through the process eliminate the wait, saving valuable time to focus on selling and closing deals. 
  • Easing new pricing strategies. Instead of explaining new or alternative products and pricing options, product managers easily augment existing offerings, options and variations as well as their complex prices. And keep pace with the market.

Delivery Delays Eliminated

Imagine your ideal quote; it’s accurate and easy to understand, personalized and compelling. It’s also past due to the buyer. You have eliminated the errors and repetitive hand-offs and revisions that slow you down, but what about the step of packaging the quote for delivery? Here, misleading content is cobbled together combined with your offer and dropped into a document, branding and formatting be damned. Unfortunately, this skews buyer perception, leaving them doubtful and open to your competition. 

How does XaitCPQ accelerate your quotes to buyers?

    • Providing consistent, relevant content. With the right content at their fingertips, your sales team has more time to tailor content to the specific buyer and opportunity. Rather than just copying and pasting in what they used last time which isn’t exactly relevant to this buyer or opportunity.  
  • Providing on-brand templates. With customized layout templates, your brand and unique styling is automatically applied to every quote. Now your sales team consistently delivers on-brand quotes that are easily recognizable, easy to read, and reverberate with the buyer. 
  • Providing loyalty-driving self-service. How well do you interact with your customers and channel partners? eCommerce is a game-changing sales tactic that drives efficiency, satisfaction and loyalty. They empower buyers to research, find and compare their options, and buy on their own, increasing your profitability.   
  • Providing conversation-driving digital sales rooms. Imagine a buyer conversation that makes it faster and easier to understand your solution than email. Secure digital sales rooms are a quantum leap forward in sales, creating a secure space for sharing and more in-depth collaboration that drives conversations to decisions faster.

Forecasting and Maintenance Eased

Your sales manager wants to view your pipeline, simple as that. Yet, not so simple. First they must gather data across multiple systems and people and manipulate. The data has aged now, driving rework and catch-up. Channel partner data isn’t included. When all is said and done, time better invested in growing revenue is wasted on logistics.  

How does XaitCPQ eliminate your forecasting and maintenance headaches? 

  • Eliminate the myriad of spreadsheets. Instead of collecting spreadsheets and manipulating data, pipeline data is centralized. Now it’s easy to check margins are on track or take corrective action.
  • Eliminate and data silos. Instead of relying on people and email to collect and manipulate data, pipeline data is at your fingertips. And just what you need to know when it’s time to help unblock an opportunity. 
  • Eliminate channel partner invisibility. Instead of wondering where your channel partners are with their goals, you view in-house and channel partner pipelines together, all-in-one. Suddenly, forecasting is easier and far more accurate.

Common Objections to CPQ Software

Still on the fence? Despite the significant time-saving, revenue-driving benefits of CPQ software, you and your business have concerns. Here are three common objections and why your competition is evolving their tactics now. 

Objection #1 We don’t have the budget

The cost of another software platform seems like it can always be avoided. Don’t we already have a CRM? Didn’t we already build something like this? Your goal is to demonstrate how CPQ software is a game-changer, and worth the investment now. 

Configuration and pricing errors drive risk and review checks. Hand-offs drive revisions and delays. Spreadsheets and silos block performance and margin monitoring. Manual data gathering and manipulation delays forecasting. Where is your buyer in this journey? Still waiting for your quote.  

CPQ software eliminates the errors and hand-offs that frustrate buyers and delay their decisions. Now you and your team are delivering accurate quotes that sail through approval and on to buyers every time. 

Bottom line, the sooner your business invests, the sooner they can realize the value and return on investment CPQ delivers.

Significant Outcome: By streamlining their quoting process, Hepworth Group reduced their time to quote from half a day to twenty minutes - increasing their capacity to grow sales by a factor of twelve without adding overheads.

Objection #2 The status quo is just fine

Resistance to change comes in many forms. What’s wrong with the way we’re doing it now? How much better can it actually be? Your goal is to demonstrate how CPQ software will make producing winning quotes faster to meet today’s buyer demands. 

Your buyers have changed. They have access to more research information and solution options than ever before. They have more stakeholders to secure buy-in from than ever before - each with their own different business case demands. If you’re going to remain competitive and grow, you must be faster, more accurate and more compelling than ever before as buyers reach out looking for trusted advisors. 

The right CPQ software is designed to eliminate the friction that has crept into your sales process, slowing it down. Now your team delivers more quotes faster without worrying about the risk to your business. 

Significant outcomes: By revolutionizing their quoting process, Penlon is more efficient, with no delays - and full visibility of quotations and deals.

Objection #3 We’ll have to change our process

You established your sales process to avoid the missteps and miscommunications that can easily derail stakeholder buy-in and buyer decisions. Over time, however, additional steps and bad habits have crept in, causing friction that slows down your process, and your team. Your goal is to demonstrate how CPQ software will streamline your process, not change it. 

You tailored your process for your business. Yet, as your team works your process, cracks naturally appear; errors and delays increasing your cost per quote. Cracks that put your reputation and revenue at risk. At a certain point these gaps become an opportunity cost for your business. How much time and money are you already spending on trying to accelerate a horse instead of buying a car?

The right CPQ software doesn’t change your process, it streamlines your process. Now your team is investing time in buyer need and intent, instead of wasting time juggling spreadsheets and emails. 

Bottom line, the sooner your business addresses today’s buyer behaviors, the sooner their revenue goals and goals for growth can be realized.

Significant outcomes: Instead of spending time digging through documents to find what they need, Sectra is more efficient - and easily viewing what their quoting against specific opportunities.

Objection #4 Our products and services are too complex

If complexity is your concern, consider how your existing process handles your complex products and services.

Error-ridden product and service configurations. Incorrect pricing calculations, or non-compliant quotes, that slip through the cracks. Approvals fueled by errors instead of insights. An inflated cost per quote that erodes your margins. Complicated pricing changes that delay your go-to-market. Unimpressive documents that undermine buyer trust. In fact, using spreadsheets to manage your complex product and service quotes is already impacting your sales process. 

The right CPQ software enforces your complex business rules, no matter the complexity. Now your team is auto guided through configuration and pricing, auto optimizing value and accelerating sales

Bottom line, the more complex your offerings the more you can benefit from CPQ.

Significant outcomes: With XaitCPQ, Fabtek has reduced their time to quote by 50% and are spending significantly more time with customers.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter if you’re a growing small business or a large, global enterprise. Any friction that stalls or stymies your quoting process, blocks your revenue. It increases rework, delays progress, frustrates your buyers, and wears down your sales team.

Your quotes don’t have to be the frustrating, time-consuming logistical nightmares they are today. That’s the status quo, and not at all conducive to growth. 

Streamline your quoting process with XaitCPQ, and realize the benefits:

  • Improved accuracy. By swapping errors and review checks for accuracy you automatically drive productivity gains that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Increased volume. Because it takes less time to create and approve quotes, your team is able to deliver more accurate, professional-looking quotes. 
  • Reduce learning needs. Shortening the user learning curve, even for complex offerings, puts more sales reps in the field faster to address buyer demand. 
  • A more consistent approach. Consistency, especially with complex offerings and growing offering ranges, is key to lasting improvements that increase productivity. 
  • Enhanced market image. Consistent presentation enhances your business image and reputation, especially as scale and volume increases for growth.
  • Reduced costs. When quoting errors are eliminated from your process, the return on investment, and cost reduction is rapid. 
  • Removing constraints and risk.  Capturing business rules and automating calculations reduces the dependency on key individuals or experts to review or approve quotes. And builds in business continuity and scalability.
  • Grow your customer base. By making it easier to research and quote, buyers quickly become customers that stick around, increasing revenue.


Reach out today and learn why XaitCPQ is the game-changing quote management software you’re searching for.


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Coralie Beelen

Coralie is an experienced Business Developer Manager at Xait. She studied Business Administrations in Germany with a focus on International Affair and has worked in Tech directly after her graduation. Her interests vary from painting, to literature, technological innovations, and cuisine.

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