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Proposal Software + CPQ Software: A Sales Enablement Powerhouse

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Jeremy Widener



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Buying and implementing a software solution is a big step towards optimizing business processes to generate revenue and higher profits. Connecting two solutions as one functioning sales enablement software platform takes things to the next level. Combining proposal software with CPQ software adds synergistic value and brings the power of automation to your workflows and revenue streams.

With proposal software and a CPQ solution in combination, you have a system that allows you to produce the best possible proposal as quickly as possible, with zero errors or omissions.

Co-Authoring Meets Quoting Automation 

Bids and proposals are a critical factor in a company’s revenue. Making it easier for teams to co-write and collaborate to produce higher-quality business documents and win more deals drive the need for enterprise-grade proposal software. 

What happens next, when you have implemented the software and the teams are having success? Tracking revenue through a CRM and integrating opportunities and projects with the proposals they are linked to synchronizes them – you can easily see the documents associated with CRM reporting.

The same is true with CPQ software, which brings consistency, correctness and efficient workflows to the quote-to-contract process. For instance, any proposal will include pricing. If you have your pricing set up in a spreadsheet or some other less-than-ideal solution, you’re already at a disadvantage. There is a massive improvement in having an integrated configure-price-quote solution built right in. A CPQ solution helps you configure prices and make sure that they are accurate, and it’s easy to add customizations and discounts.

Integrating with a CRM helps capture pricing and accurate oversight on a high volume of transactions. You can quickly create the prices you need from your CRM and then push that further into a proposal.

A professional proposal software solution offers the advantages of centralized, database-driven document co-authoring, and a single place where authors and stakeholders go for content that they know is up-to-date and ready to go. Adding a CPQ solution extends that way of working – pricing and quote information becomes an integrated, essential part of the overall proposal/sales process.


Removing the guesswork and mistakes from outdated and analog processes gives greater control and visibility to end users all the way to the C-suite. Speed, accuracy, and integrative connectivity of business-critical documents are a great foundation of success using sales-enabling software.

Good CPQ software will seamlessly integrate with a good solution for proposal production, and the synergy of both combined ultimately brings a competitive advantage. With built-in workflow, easy reuse of content and formatting, and the fact that CPQ software can be deployed seamlessly within the most popular CRM systems, enterprise organizations in all industries benefit where it matters most… landing the deal.


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Jeremy Widener

Jeremy have 11 years of experience in the solution software space ranging from customer success to sales to consulting. I believe strongly in relationship building and working with customers as partners. Optimizing use of solution software and leveraging success with the relationship to build growth and expand value.

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