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Norway O&G operators benefit from using XaitPorter

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Eivind Windspoll



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Following the recent industrial challenges and volatitily in the oil & gas market outlook, and further the discussions around the oil & gas industry's impact on the environment, this years APA licensing round on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) was followed with high interest both in-country and globally.

Allocation in predefined areas (APA) is the annual licensing round for the best-known exploration areas on the Norwegian shelf. It comprises the majority of the available exploration areas, and offers potential for securing interests in licenses within mature areas close to existing infrastructure, which, in case of a discovery, typically comes with lower break even price for an development than in new, frontier areas. 

It's great to see that the confidence in the NCS remains strong, and that 31 companies have applied for licenses, versus the APA2020 round securing interest from 30 O&G companies.

- I am happy that the oil companies still see good opportunities on the Norwegian shelf. Exploration is important for maintaining activity and good resource management, and lays the foundation for value creation and safe jobs throughout the country, says Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru.


High Availability and Highest Level of Security

During the course of the last few months, as our clients has put significant efforts in to tailor their submissions to the APA round, Xait's teams has been working closely with our valuable partners to provide the best service possible. With XaitPorter, the co-authoring of these complex, multi-dicipline documents, are executed in a streamline fashion requiring less time spent on document compilation and allows the users to spend more time focusing on the content.  For our clients, high availability of XaitPorter SaaS is utmost important, and we're proud to deliver this above any other co-authoring solution and on par or higher than global SAAS peers, with 99,9997% uptime and availability for the last consecutive 12 months. Our hosting solutions also provide the highest level of security, making sure the content remains protected during compilation and after submission.

Win With Xait!


For the 2020 APA licensing round, close to 100% of all licences was awarded to companies using XaitPorter in the submission process. That's why we say "Win with Xait!", because we truly believe that a company spending more time on content than on document administration is better positioned in competition with others. In addition, as you never get a second chance to make a first impression, submitting a visually attractive document as you get with XaitPorter further strengthens your submission. Standardized processes, such as the APA licensing round and other formal documents, require high level of regulatory compliance. With the correct setup and implementation of XaitPorter you can remain confident that your document will meet these requirements. Finally, the policy-based document creation and workflow approval system is designed to dynamically build both standard and custom-configured documents based upon pre-defined business rules with the ability to change key values, while the documents and reports are instantly updated.

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Xait can assist with your application document structure, as well as offer consultation services during the completion process.

Higher quality documents, more process control and transparency, less overtime, and more applications produced – these are but a few of the advantages you’ll get using XaitPorter for your license applications.


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Author picture

Eivind Windspoll

Eivind Windspoll is the Customer Success Director at Xait. He has a wealth of experience from working in high value market sales roles for more than a decade in the Oil & Gas industry. He is responsible for heading up our Customer Success Team, which includes making sure our existing and new customers are provided with significant value from their partnerships with Xait. He enjoys spending time traveling with his wife and son, and benefits from the great outdoors activities the nature and seasons brings. He has spent too much time on home renovation projects, and hopes to finally finish his classic car in the not too distant future.

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